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  1. Hey everyone! It's my birthday today and my girlfriend got me a cool present- She bought me a tiny little piece of Mars! How cool is that! I'm really stoked, its only very tiny but it is registered by the metorite society and very nicely boxed match box sized. It is really weird to hold a piece of another planet in your hand - even if it is the size of an ants head! This must have been blasted from the surface off Mars by a Comet?Asteroid and then landed on Earth somewhere! This has got me into wondering if anybody else collects meteorites or other space junk/debary? I'm hooked now! Would love some Moon rock next!
  2. quantumbit

    Hello All!

    Wow - Talk about a warm welcome! I'll order that turn left at Orion from Amazon this week.... Thanks!
  3. quantumbit

    Hello All!

    Thank you everybody! This seems like a great, informative and very friendly forum
  4. quantumbit

    Hello All!

    Hey guys, I'm new to astronomy and I'm very keen to learn more about the heavens above! After years of interest in the universe and reading a couple of books on cosmology over the years I decided to buy my first telescope. Last week I bought the Celestron 127 SLT Maksutov goto scope and I'm very happy with it. Managed to use it the same night in the garden and got to see Saturn - quite a moving experience when you see it for the first time through your own scope Other than the moon I've not seen anything else through it yet but theres plenty of time! Hopefully you guys/girls can advise on how to get the best from my new scope and help me to learn more about the night sky and up and coming viewing events
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