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  1. Thanks for that acey, great explanation and link.
  2. Hi I heard something recently that changed the way I think about spiral galaxies. I thought that in the arms of a spiral, all the stars in the arm moved together, and the individual stars moved at the same velocity (around the galactic centre) as the arm. But now I've heard that the individual stars move faster, so you get stars entering the arm and slowing down, and the stars leaving the arm speed up, the analogy being like a traffic jam on a motorway. Is this correct? If so what causes this effect? Cheers Col
  3. The best way to start discovering the night sky is with a decent star chart (or stellarium), the naked eye and a pair of binoculars. With the advent of GOTO scopes some people forget that. Astronomy 'can' get very expensive, same as any other hobby, but it's not a competition, and on this forum especially everyone is welcome to share their passion. It's a hobby, enjoy
  4. This is my first reasonable attempt at a DSO. Skywatcher 150P DS, Atik Titan, Baader Ha filter, EQ3-2 unguided. Lightened and colour added in photoshop. First time out with the camera and very short (5s) subs due to polar alignment being off, so I'm pretty pleased with the result (thats due to the camera BTW, not my skill ) m42-2.bmp
  5. Congrats guys, fantastic image and well deserved!
  6. Hi and welcome, lovely pic!
  7. Never heard of Egyptian stories of stars leading the way, sorry not being confrontational but where did you get that from? Got any links?
  8. My other hobby is West African percussion and I spent last week in a field in Scotland with a couple of hundred fellow drummers. To pass a rainy hour me and some friends played that game where you name a famous person and the next person has to name someone whose first name begins with the first letter of the previous surname. I had never heard of half of the people they came up with, mainly actors and what have you, and they weren't exactly well up on famous scientists, but I was quite shocked that only one of them, out of 6, had heard of Carl Sagan. Sign of the times I guess, Col
  9. Hi Daryl and welcome to SGL. Col
  10. Lovely shots, M31 in particular it popped out of my screen in 3D! Well done Col
  11. I have to agree with all the sentiments in this thread, nice to know I am in the company of so many like minded people
  12. ColB


    Hi and welcome to SGL.
  13. ColB

    Hello from Lancashire

    Hi and Lindsay and welcome.
  14. Hi Lëah welcome to SGL.
  15. Sorry if this has been done before. You have access to a (one use) time machine, you can travel any amount of time into the future or the past but your final destination is a place on Earth. You have access to lfe support systems if nesseccary and can return whenever you want so no need to worry about that. So, where do you go? Battle of Agincort? London 5000 years into the future? Bethlehem 0BC? Just for fun
  16. Very true and as I stated that is my own take on it. I think our brains are hardwired for survival on this planet in this dimention and it would take an enourmous leap of intellect to grasp the whole thing, and 'thinking outside of the box' may be a bit of a cliche but that's the kind of leap we need to make, and i know my brain isn't up to that. As I said though, this is just my own philosophy and I believe we can make progress if we dont blow each other up in the meantime. Cheers Col
  17. My philisophy is - dont worry about it too much. If you could take a modern mobile phone back just 500 years, a tiny miniscule amount of time even in the evolution of our species, they would not have a clue what to make of it. I'm not saying dont think about these things, just accept that we are all not Einsteins and sometimes it is easier just to accept the wonders and not try to think too hard
  18. Very nice indeed, thanks for sharing. Col
  19. ColB

    Hello guys

    Hi Sam, welcome to SGL.
  20. Wasn't it 4 elephants on the back of a turtle? Or am I in the wrong universe...
  21. Well up here in Newcastle, it's definitely the wet season
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