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  1. Yes I sometimes find that with my 30mm eyepiece. I'll take a look at those Vixens. thanks for the tip.
  2. Yes I do wear glasses. I think you're right, LER eyepieces might be the better option. thanks.
  3. The reason I'm asking is that I'm struggling with the eye relief with my 7.5mm and 12.5mm ultima plossls. I was thinking of replacing them with wide angle LER eyepieces or getting a 3x barlow to use with my other eyepieces instead.
  4. Hi guys. Considering the average seeing conditions in the UK, how many of you actually use a 3x barlow?
  5. Hi Jim. I'm in a similar situation as you as I live 5 miles to the east of Lincoln. North, east and south are fine but west is a no no. I don't even bother looking to the west as the sky glow in that direction blots all but the brightest stars out. Fortunately there are no major sources of light pollution other than that. Cheers. John.
  6. solo


    Hi. I'vegot a Rigel quickfinder and a RACI on my dob.They work well together. Cheers. John.
  7. Ptolemaeus / Alphonsus / Arzachel and surroundings. Stunning area brimming with crater chains. Love it. Cheers. John.
  8. I never tire of looking at the moon even after 50 years of skywatching. It's the one thing you can garantee will put on a good show,even when the seeing is a bit fuzzy. I can still find stuff I've never spotted before on the moon even after all these years. Love it. Cheers. John.
  9. My daughter got me this book for Xmas. Read it already,superb book. Gonna read it again soon but concentrate a bit more on the heavy bits. !! Cheers. John.
  10. I've had them a good few years now so the warranty is long expired. I keep them in a cupboard in our utility room which usually fairly cool so they haven't been getting warm. That's a good idea trying a little patch at a time with cleaner, reckon I'll give that a go tomorrow. Thanks for the advice. If all else fails a new pair binos might be the answer!!!! Cheers, John.
  11. Hi all. Got my binos out the other night - first time for a while, and the soft feel coating on the body has gone sticky. I've not had this problem before and was wandering if anyone else has had the same problem and if so , how did you get rid of it ? I've tried washing them with soapy water without success and I'm reluctant to try anything like white spirit or alcohol in case I make it worse. Any ideas? Cheers, John.
  12. I've just been reading about this,apparently its going to brighten for a few weeks when it will be observable in binocularsand then fade away gradually.It will be interesting to see if this does happen. Nice to have something new to look at. Cheers, John.
  13. Yeah, look forward to that.
  14. Got Chris Hadfield's ( you know,the guy who sang 'Space Oddysy'on the ISS)book AN ASTRONAUTS GUIDE TO LIFE ON EARTH from my daughter for Christmas.Fantastic read.Having read what it takes to be an astronaut these guys deserve all the hero worship they get.I thought it was tough getting 5 'o' levels and an ONC in electrical engineering,but what these guys have to learn is incredible.Highly recommended. Cheers, John.
  15. I've got this Skywatcher diagonal.Go for it-it's ace.I've also got a Celestron prism diagonal which,strangely enough,seems to improve the colour fringing on bright objects through my ST80.Or maybe it's just wishful thinking!! Cheers, John.
  16. Watch out for the jetstream. I went out last night and it was a total waste of time,like observing through jelly.Fracs and dob alike.Might give it a go later though.Good luck.
  17. All my 'scopes are stored in my shed - a seperate shelf for each one and standard covers in place. my mounts just stand in there on their tripod/plinths covered with black bin bags to keep the dust off. I strengthened the shed door and fitted a sturdy lock.Thats it - no cool down problems for me.Clear sky,unlock shed,lift scopes out onto adjacent patio,skies the limit. Cheers.John
  18. Wow!!.Thats amazing. Was the video captured by an amateur?
  19. Yeah,as you can see,I like black fracs.
  20. Hi all,I've been having a bit of a tidy up in the shed,which included a bit of a spruce up of my 'scopes which I keep in there.I'm very fond of my old Helios 4" achro and wouldn't part with it for the world.I bought it well over 12 years ago and was wondering if the latest Evostar achros have better optics than mine.I know the Helios and Skywatcher came out of the same factory but do modern prodction methods result in better performance? Just a thought. Cheers,John
  21. Have you tried talking to Barry Watts at Beacon hill Telescopes? He's a real nice bloke and he can make anything to order just about.Worth a try.
  22. solo


    Hi Buddym.Welcome to SGL.Best forum ever. Cheers, John.
  23. Does it come with the clear sky included ?
  24. Hi, I use a pair of these for astronomy use and they are very good.Excellent for clusters and sweeping the milky way. Go for it. Cheers, John.
  25. That's the original base , I've had this 'scope going on 10 years now so I think the later ones look a bit different.I put a sheet of formica under the azimuth box and it's really smooth now.the clamshell is simply a box made from 18mm ply sied to fit inside the dob mount.Icut a hole in each end of it to fit the tube exactly , then cut the box in half.I then put a piano hinge along one edge and two snap connectors on the opposite side. Two more holes for the original bearings and Bob's your uncle. I lined the holes for the tube assembly with felt to make it a good tight fit so that the tube can be rotated simply by loosening the snap connectors and tightening them again. cheers, John.
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