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  1. I’m looking for a takahashi 6x30 finderscope, must be in excellent condition. With or without the finder bracket.
  2. Apologies I missed your post, I've ended up going down the Pentax route.
  3. Reduced, £140.00 I’m open to offers and part-x proposals.
  4. Tele Vue Delos Wanted all F/L considered. I'm looking to give a good home to your Tele Vue, Delos eyepiece. Must be in excellent condition. Cash waiting
  5. I think that answers it perfectly. ? The mount shown is a Skywatcher 3/8” connection stainless steel tripod. I believe its it’s the same as the one supplied with the EQ5 and HEQ5 mounts. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html hope this helps. Lee
  6. Good used condition. Some small marks from use on saddles. £140 Collected or I can post at cost. (Tripod not included)
  7. That's a nice image Steve. The orion neb looks visible too. How's the lens 50mm workling for you? Lee.
  8. Blimey, That comet is motoring along. Great images thanks for sharing. Lee.
  9. That would be a good explaination...It would also explaine the odd movement. I've never seen anything like it (Richie) I'm in Bagshot Surrey. Lee.
  10. Around 22:25 this evening. Covering distance faster than a plane, Orange Bright and I mean bright! Travelling from the south east very low, gradually rising and eventually fading in the east. I have had a look on heavens above and can see anything due... Any ideas... Lee.
  11. Widescreen centre are very good, but parking is a knightmare if you are casually droping in... Astronmia are in Dorking, They have a good showroom and are quite active around surrey. Astronomia - Telescopes & Binoculars in Dorking, Surrey Lee.
  12. Thats going to be some eyepiece. The FOV should be just smaller than a 31mm Nager... ...and just in time for Christmas.
  13. Having tried all of the above this is the current result. Very over processed... I think I will try this shot again but from a darker site with longer exposurse. Thanks for the input Lee
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, I have tried the PS tricks and came to the same concluson as Dennis. I'll try again. Lee.
  15. I would really appreciate some help processing this image please. I can't seem to get the results I am looking for. It looks like I have some reasonable data...? There is a lot of light pollution in the bottom right corner. This is from a street light. It is made of a stack of about 9 X 60Sec images taken using my 450D. If successful can you provide some advice on the steps required to bring out some of the detail. Thanks in advance Lee.
  16. Mick you'r spot on with your comments. I must have been half asleep when I read the numbers. Lee.
  17. You have a good range of focal lengths already. A good quality X2 Barlow would be a good investment. It will effectively double your eyepiece collection in one hit. But like you say, it will depend on the scope you use. The 4mm will become 2mm with a X2 barlow and most scopes will not take that mag well. I would look at getting the best eyepieces you can afford. It is half the optical system at the end of the day. If you are comfortable with the focal lengths you have try the same size but a different type I.e. Orthoscopic, Plossl etc. Second hand always makes more sense as if they are not to your taste you can sell them for pretty much what you paid for them. Lee.
  18. Nagler Zoom is a good shout. What about Some Baader Genuine Ortho's? Fantastic for the Planets etc and The clarity more thain makes up for the reduced FOV. Lee.
  19. Very nice. I do miss my AstroTrac when I see images like this. Congratulations It's a cracker...!
  20. Fantastic, you can't beat a big refractor... Lee.
  21. Having had some good opportunities to use the UWAN 7mm I can tell you that it did not disappoint. It’s quite a size as you can see in the previous posts. But I like the fact that it has a weighty feel. The twist up eye cup is a great touch and has a great quality feel about it. During use I have found that as you get to the edge of the field the sharpness drops off but I would say that 85% of the field is sharp with the other 15% gradually reducing in quality up to the edge where there is a little colour when viewing the moon. In the Megrez it seems to give a neutral colour and the sky appears a velvet black. The field of view is very impressive at 82-Deg. I can fit the full moon (Several times over) and enjoy X69 magnification the detail is immense. I can’t help feeling that the 13mm Ethos with the X2 TV Barlow makes the 7mm a little redundant in my setup. This may seem obvious, but my concerns that the extra glass when used with the Barlow would affect contrast over the stand alone UWAN 7mm were unfounded. The positively massive FOV of the Televue combo is hard to beat. I believe if I did not have the Ethos this EP would be a keeper. It looks and acts the part in every way you would imagine it to. It is a very good eyepiece. I have now sold the 7mm UWAN and have a Baader Hyperion 8mm on the way. I have also acquired a Pentax 28XL for wide field visual. I post some thoughts when the weather improves. Lee.
  22. Lucky shot, You nearly missed it... Do you have trouble with your neighnours?
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