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  1. thanks btw guys, i will be posting a full follow up on that soon, just gimmi afew days or so, i still aint geting anygood sleep. once i get me a nice big rest ill be up to doing it. and nah no tripping over in the dark, it actually makes a good resting spot for my eyepeice case =) the scope folds over to the handle side, i can allso use my foot on one of the handles to move the dob which is neet too, gonna take off the old dob carrying handle and put a nice strong hook there so i can attach all my equip on it, planisphere/excessory cases etc.
  2. orion's equip will be becoming cheaper soon allso, (inside info) =), there HQ is REALLY amazing i must say. to learn stuff there, just makes you look at the other telescope makers like fool's, for some weird reason.
  3. id have to agree with GazOC with that.
  4. id go for a 26mm, 32mm or 40mm, looking at your eyepeice set skip the 26mm since you have a 20mm 1.25, id probly go for a 32mm or a 40mm, i just stick to one 26mm 2" , but then again my set of 1.25's is alot larger then yours. i skiped 20mm 25mm range with 1.25's thats why i went with a 26mm 2"
  6. haahaha i was thinking "woah what a list", when i saw that
  7. heh my fav planet is saturn and jupiter, the rings are awsome on saturn, and the storms and the moons jupiter has is an awsome sight too. i use a orange 21 here too, haha..
  8. bleh just get yourself a orange filter, and your little MARZ will look alot better and glare less.
  9. will do =) give me a day tho, i need sleep =p, been crazy on the hardware latey n havent been sleeping. hehe
  10. you might wanna just mod your dob to make it more mobile, look what i did to mine, its so easy to move around and take places now, and mines a 12" MODDED DOB
  11. thanks for the pic grant, heh they did it exactly like me!, cept my wheels are on the other side, its a good thing tho, so i dont have to mod anything elese and the dob pulls back into the mount when i elivate it, heh i just built it the way i thought was right,didnt see that pic till now hehe, anyways heres some nice picture of it for you all =) it makes moving your 40kg dob 30x easyer!!! and nah the wheels dont hit the ground when it isnt elivated if your wondering, obviously, wouldnt want that!
  12. well im definetly gonna doit, im gonna go get myself 2 axis's for it for extra support when i get the chance, just drilled and put in the wheels, in the timber planks which is good, and im gonna have to get some black matt spray paint to spray paint the timber to the dob color "black" to make it look alot nicer, eather way when im done i will post up some pics of my modifications, =), im very keen and gonna be happy when im done with it.
  13. i decided to go with the "wheel barrel" attachment to my Dobsonian Mount, so i went and go me two peices of wood two bearing wheels and 6 bolts. hopefully ill get it done right 1st time =p, anyone have some pictures tho?, would be nice to see some, thated probly help out some.
  14. what do you guys wanna get? like seriously, but i mean like possible. like hell i want a Ritchey-Cretien Reflector, but i aint geting that anytime soon, but personally id like to get my hands on a 2" 2x barlow, 2" 40mm and later on get me a very very nice refractor.
  15. very cool man thanks for the link, i am a scope builder myself allso.
  16. nah man thats astronomical equipment for ya, they never do really change much over time, hell we are still using the basic newtonian reflectors created by isac newton, and how old is that thing? over 2000 years old, and we are still using the exact same design.
  17. should just keep your caps on, best way to find the sun is to move your scope untill your barrel creates a perfect circular shadow on the ground completely paralell to the scope, that indicates that your telescope is pointed directly at the sun, otherwise if you cant do that, best thing to do is go buy yourself a "Sol Searcher" these things are cheap, and very handy for finding the sun.
  18. thank god i cant see ant's avatar anymore, it was starting to freak me out.
  19. imo equipment is not to much of an issue as long as your happy with the equipment you have, like for instance 50$ USA, plossl eyepeices can be just as good as 500$ plossl eyepeices really. you may get better views with the 500$ peices, but in comparison, there isnt to much of a differance. prices is allways an issue when it comes to astronomical equipment, basicly this is why alot of people have a dob, over a cassigrain. and allso another reason why people who can make telescopes do so, its alot cheaper to doit, and theres a huge degree of satisfaction, and having your scope to your intentions.
  20. cause its what we are made of, even what water is made out of. find anything weirder then a human itself or yourself, even existence itself? without what you are made of there is no existence of yourself. so can it get any weirder then that? without what you are made of you cant even think up or be here to post about what is weird =p
  21. true that, strange enouth though you find em like cakes in aust, but yeah they are very expensive as well.
  22. you know what, this is making me think of that thread about attaching other scopes onto your primary telescope, spotting scopes go pretty well on a telescope
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