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  1. I might buy one of the Asus EE's they have at a tenner more at least they are xp, not so sure about windows 7 yet! I've used argo clearance recently for a replacement mobile for the wife. Good experience all round.


  2. Welcome....

    But does this does seem to indicate that some "traditional" societies really need to get a little more up to date?

    I googled "Salisbury Astronomical Society" and really came up with very little. No official website listed it seems.


  3. I try to keep it going with my own daughter. In fact I would not be here posting this or even own a telescope without her showing an interest. I do live in hope as already at her school (Year 1) she has had a visiting mobile planetarium and some form of video conference with NASA.

    We still dabble in BASIC we picked up a few of the Picaxe chips and have fun blinking LED's and driving servo's Just stuff to keep a 6yr olds attention. Helps me keep my hands in a little too even if I was more a Z80 Assembler sort of guy way back, 68000 too. But thats fair too obscure for a 6 yr old.

    We may yet use the Picaxe to create a motorised focuser that will at least create a connection with real life applications.


  4. I think it is a shame the young dont get into astronomy more, rather than trying to fit in with popular opinion, though which I never did mind, I was alway my own person, I didnt smoke, drink, do drugs, crime and always I would have respect for people and there hobbies/interests. Though I am also a computer and retro games and console geek, but there we go we all cant be perfect.....lol.

    Retro is good. My computer era was the early 80's Very early 80's!

    I think the difference is back then we HAD to learn about it to progress. Even writing our own games, and other stuff. Or in my case more about improving electronics skills and designing and building add ons as that was my prime interest.

    Those days are gone! Through there not really being a need, and also the hardware is less accessible to the tinkerer. The death of the ISA bus put low level tinkering to bed.

    This is not directly related to Astronomy of course, but I feel as I stated earlier the modern era does not seem to encourage a pioneering spirit or a will to learn technical hobbies in a lot of cases so there may be some crossover.

    A few weeks ago my 6yr old daughter and I visited a local camera shop that happened to have a row of box brownies displayed on a high shelf. I told her a story of how I'd gotten into trouble for taking one apart when I was 4 or 5. I guess that when my tinkering started.

    I am however glad when I see a young person show a real will to learn from grassroots level like I am now with Astonomy being a very late starter!


  5. It's my belief many "technical" hobbies are aging badly. I usually refer to the cause as "the playstation generation" or Virtual instant gratification. I may be completely wrong but my observations over the years seem to support it.


  6. ....and scrap merchants sell by weight :rolleyes:

    Usually the full length cost for cut pieces applies for smaller stock (Often under 20mm diameter) Your milage may differ though. I buy 1000's of metres of all types of metals every year so I may get better deals than the one off sale.


  7. Try Hub Le Bas. They are the main tubing sockists in the UK. Might be lucky and get a cut piece to suit your needs. Be sure of what you want in the 1st instance though, ie ERW, CFS etc etc.

    I just checked their stocklist and in ERW they hold 101.60mm x 3.25mm wall.


    You can sometimes get lucky and find something at your local scrap yard. Of the real variety not the car breaker type.


  8. Hello all

    really nice to know there are others in Dorset.

    We belong to the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth at the time we were looking for somewhere to join I hadn't heard anything abot the wessex society.


    The Wessex society meet in Wimborne, thats a fair trip from Sidmouth way or anywhere in West Dorset.

    They do have a website however.


  9. We (my 6yr old and myself) are enjoying the revisit to the Moon again at the moment. It's where we started a few weeks ago, and gladly it's back in view to give us more fun. Hopefully we can get some better video etc over the next week or so.


  10. Some of you will already know the Telescope in the title is our 1st and current one. It's been a facinating and cost effective introduction to the hobby considering we think we got it for quite a good price via evilbay.

    But as an engineer I soon saw some areas where it could be improved somewhat. In particular the rather crude plastic housed focuser, which considering we like to use a camera it's sloppy fit is annoying.

    Finderscope is another area I would like to improve it, as well as investigating other mounts.

    Are there any other areas more experienced users would suggest improvements could be made. Other than the obvious "buy another telescope" !


  11. I googled it "JEM" a moment ago and came up with some stuff from a legal case notes.

    "It came to light during the hearings held at the USITC in Washington DC that SKF USA sold numerous bearings that were not designated JEM for electric motor use. The JEM designation signifies two things: a C3 fit and polyurea grease. The EM stands for electric motor. According to SKF USA, they do not authorize the sale of non-JEM bearings for electric motor use in the United States."

    So basically it seems "JEM" are a C3 fit bearing with a particular grease for electric motor use.


  12. Thanks for looking that up.

    BUT. You should be careful with Radial Clearances on bearings. I am very familar with the C3 types. These are used a lot in the motorcycle engines which part of my business is based around.

    Increased radial clearances are normally used where a bearing has to live in a higher temperature enviroment ie Engine Main Bearings. To avoid the bearing spinning in it's housing as the crankcases expand a tigher bearing fit is used. These bearings have to have increased radial clearances otherwise they would bind in the tighter than normal bearing housing.

    So unless the housing is designed for tighter bearing fit the bearing would effectively be running with sloppy internal radial clearances.


  13. Very good John.

    Better to need to add friction later as you did than fight it in the first place.

    Kind of like the time I modified a MIG welder wire spool carrier to reduce jerkiness in wire unwinding. It was too low friction initially and ran away when the welding torch button was released! Easier after the fact to add a little friction to stop it doing that.


  14. Likewise with the Osborne 1 I had. Damn things are very collectable now. BUT I am sort of glad they are gone. They took up a lot of room even in the attic. When we last moved I had to make some tough decisons! I recall the two Xerox 820's I had with 8" SASI hardrives (I was a cp/m junkie for a while!). They took some lugging to the tip!

    Anyway back to the subject, I guess in a way our current and 1st telescope as purchased on evilbay could of easily been car boot stock a few years ago. Its a 1999 Orion Europa 150 f5, apparently according to Orion one of the very first ones.


  15. The largest diameter that can fit I would try.

    I would recomend two really so you can get a little preload on them (both sides of base). Like I said earlier they are low tech and not aimed at astro applications at all. But a large precision thrust bearing is big money!

    The round ones go to about 12" diameter I think. What size is your base? What is the current bearing setup?


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