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  1. Thank you for the info regarding the gold molecular coatings. Very interesting to know. Me & my daughter have also been using them for birding & they are very nice for this. They are also quite nice for stargazing. The fov is brilliant.
  2. Brilliant. Thank you gents for the info. Very much appreciated.
  3. Hi Carbon. It's not that I am asking for help regarding the twist up eye relief rings & them being uncomfortable (they are not), I'm asking for information regarding age, model etc as I cannot find another pair with this style of eye relief twist up rings. All of the other Chinons (country man included) I have found have either molded eye cups or rubber eye rings but none with the metal twist up eye relief rings. Anybody know what model I have please? Thanks Mark
  4. Hi all. I'm new here & have a huge interest in binoculars & stargazing. I am hoping that your collective experience & knowledge can shed some light on a pair of marketplace binoculars I picked up locally for £10. They are Chinon 7x35 porros. Pretty straight forward up to this point. Thing is, I can't find any others with the twist up eye relief rings. They are made in Japan & there is a in print of LB101. I must say that they have a lovely wide fov & the optics are supprisingly good. Please see pictures and any input is really very much apprecia
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