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  1. Thanks John. I thought the expense was because of the way they fit into the focuser without moving about? So, is it the case that the laser won't move out of alignment at any point?
  2. Hi folks, I recently purchased the Hotech SCA-2-C cross-hair collimator from FLO. It was a decent chunk of change at £120. Very well built and easy to use and seems to be very accurate compared to the standard cheap one which I had previously and punted for £14 on eBay. The question is, does the laser in the Hotech need collimated or is there a system in place which means this is not necessary? Thanks in advance. Neil
  3. I didn't get the box but I'll be on to the old boy tomorrow! He said there was some other bits and pieces in his lift so I'm guessing that's where it's at. Many thanks to everyone who helped with this especially John
  4. Ah wait no, in my haste I lied. I don't have the extension bit. That piece I wasn't given. This should solve my problem if I can get hold of it perhaps?
  5. Hi John thanks for your answer. Yeah that's exactly what it looks like. Should I buy an extension piece to fit in there somewhere?
  6. Hi everyone, I was hoping perhaps that somebody could help with this problem that I have. I bought a Bresser Messier 10" Dobsonian Reflector used but literally taken out once. It was too heavy for the old guy to lift. Anyway, I took it out for a blast and put in the 40mm 2" but it wouldn't focus although it felt like it might if the focuser would continue rising. I tried a few more eyepieces but still the same. I collimated it and tried again but no joy. Is it the case that I might need to purchase an extension piece for the focuser? Could it be that because it's the biggest telescope I've own
  7. Hi Michael thank you for your response. Yeah it's an achromatic Huygenian. I think these could be from the 60s or 70s and perhaps made by Towa for Swift Optics but I'd like to know more. Having had a wee look at them the optics look so good I'm thinking of getting a 0.965 adaptor and hanging on to them.na
  8. Hi folks, I recently stumbled upon this set of SWIFT 0.965 eyepieces and I've done a bit of research but I was wondering if anybody could shed a bit more light on this matter for me please?
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