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  1. Do I just need to make sure everything is balanced I mean I have a 10mm Delos eyepiece and 24mm explore scientific they're quite big not really heavy tho.
  2. Hi, I have the 127l bresser messier on a eq5 mount although I had no issues with it, I manage to balance it it balanced well, although I hear that this scope is to heavy for this mount does anyone agree with this or does anyone else have this scope on a eq5 with no issues?
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of buying the explore scientific coma corrector although I heard it requires 35mm in travel, I have the 8" Skywatcher dobsonian although I heard the skywatcher Dobsonians usually do have plenty of intravel for this coma corrector don't know how true this is.
  4. Hi, I got a eq5 goto mount I had it a while anyway I just can't get the adjust of it I live in the northern hemisphere I had the mount and everything set north I put in correct details on the remote I had the mount and scope balanced it was a skywatcher 120mm startravel I had mounted anyway I done a 2 star alignment anyway I choosed a star that was high up like Deneb anyway i wanted it to slew to Deneb and it slewed no way near Deneb it slewed the opposite direction is this just a error that naturally happens with the kit? Even tho I was polar aligned and had all details in correctly and mount was balanced.
  5. I'm thinking of replacing my 12mm bst with the baader Morpheus 12mm is the Morpheus worth the upgrade?
  6. I'm thinking of buying the explore scientific coma corrector as the televue paracorr is out of my price range I heard it requires more intravel is there any trick to achieve in travel with it?
  7. I've got a F5 and f6 scope I'm looking into the baader Morpheus eyepieces are these better then the Hyperions in fast scopes?
  8. Has anyone had any experience with the Baader Morpheus eyepieces in fast scopes what are they like in terms of edge sharpness?
  9. It's the one with bits of orange around it would the 18mm Delite be a good upgrade from this eyepiece?
  10. I got a Celestron xcel eyepiece and it seems to be showing astigmatism in my scopes I know it's only at the edges but I find it distracting me scopes are f5 and I got a f6 dob anyway would the 18.2mm Delite be worth buying replacing my 18mm Celestron xcel?
  11. Hi I have a Celestron xcel 18mm Eyepiece anyway when I use this eyepiece in me skywatcher startravel 120 f5 the stars at the edge look very seagully astigmatic although I heard these Eyepieces are meant to be good at f5 could these "seagully" shaped stars be coming from the scope or is it just the eyepiece not being a good match for the scope?
  12. Hi I have a dielectric diagonal when I use it I get vignetting is dielectric diagonals prone to have vignetting if so what dielectric is recommended if the vignetting is coming from the diagonal?
  13. They do look like this a tiny bit in the centre but worse to the edges.
  14. Yes I got glasses it doesn't do nothing so I think it's in the scope.
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