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  1. Hey Fifeskies Ok so that all makes sense...thanks for the info for sure. So I bought more extension tubes and have now got a live view working BUT...it only shows in AV mode or fully automatic..when I switch to M mode the screen just goes to a white/gray color This a setting in my camera that I am missing? And yes I am completely new to any kind of manual mode on DSLR Thanks again to everyone, Jeff
  2. Thanks for the video link. I will have to learn the measuring thing for sure. First time I have heard of how to do so..so thanks for that info. Adam - I do not have a flattener or flattener reducer...I understand the flattener purpose but what would the flattener reducer be for? Thanks to all for all the help and guidance. Jeff
  3. Updated my profile pic with the shot of the moon that I got with the diagonal. played with ISO a bit to get the reflection in the clouds. was a cloudy night but was trying to get the focus to work and hoping for a nice evening this weekend to try more. Sorry forgot I can put the pic here so it can be seen better. Still learning this forum stuff as well..lol No processing this was just out of the camera as well. Retailer just wanted a shot plus nothing was tight and I hit the shutter no remote I was just super excited to see something in my camera.
  4. Thanks for the info. I contacted retailer and they asked me to try the diagonal and I did and that is how I actually got it to focus but this just doesn't seem like the best way to be setup for deep sky. I used the diagonal with no extension tube and got it to focus. I have read it loses some light input which to me sounds like the quality would drop off as well. I have ordered another set of extension tubes to try. I will update after I get them and try it out. I am total beginner in this and just want to do it the right way and not be fighting Myself doing it all wrong an
  5. Hello to all, My equipment so far Explore Scientific ED80 Skywatcher EQM-35 Canon EOS Rebel T8i Orion 50MM Magnificent Mini Guide Scope and Camera Here is my question: Went out for the first time the other night and was going to just practice on the Moon. Well I could not get any focus even using both extension tubes included with scope. Had someone tell me to use the diagonal and I did get focus with it using no extension tubes at all but is the the proper way and will I be able to shoot Deep Sky ? Am I missing something on the setup ? Any g
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