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  1. Hello from southern New England!

    After many (many...) years, I am diving back into astronomy. I started off with a 4" Meade SCT 2045, which I still have and recently picked up a Takahashi refractor (Merry Christmas to ME) and am also working on getting a LX200GPS 10" to function. The hope is to have the LX200GPS set up outside in a fixed location (this sucker is mighty heavy for me to move by myself) and the Tak for portability. 

    The Tak is my first ever refractor and I am learning how to use it. After much fumbling on Dec 21st, I managed to capture Jupiter and Saturn using my DSLR. Seeing Saturn come into focus on my camera's LCD was incredible. This pretty much added fuel to my already frenzied astrophotography mania.

    My #1 quest is to do imaging, both planetary and nebula with both telescopes. So, here I am to learn what I can to best use them. I have a ZWO camera and Nikon DSLR.

    Clear skies

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