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  1. Can I have an option 3........ Clear Skies.....!!!!!
  2. Ive been playing around with the ocular view and trying different eyepieces etc but not been able to get out to see how it matches to the parameters on the scope. How accurate the parameters against 'real-life' (obviously light pollution and weather permitting) ?
  3. I'll give that a try. Ive got Night Sky app at the moment as it links in with my Apple Watch too which is a handy little feature. For laptop software Ive been playing around with Stellarium and KStars. KStars is OK for me, but I think would be too clunky and complicated for my step son. Stellarium seems a good piece of software with a nice Red mode function to make sure you don't blast away your night vision.
  4. It does need a flat surface but nothing a sturdy foldable camping table wouldn't sort. I like that its lower down meaning you can look at objects whilst sat down in a comfy chair.
  5. Hi @Andy350, We have just got the Skywatcher Heritage 150P Dobsonian as a Xmas present and its a very well made piece of kit. The flex tube enables it retract saving storage space and making transport a little easier. The base is nice and strong with some good weight to it and doesn't feel flimsy. However, UK being the UK, the weather hasn't given us opportunity to use it in anger. Everyone I have spoken to have all spoken good things about this scope including some of the YouTube reviews.
  6. Thanks for the feedback peeps. Its a welcome relief to find people so warm and friendly in this forum. In my day job Im a network specialist and programmer, and the forums within that world are brutal and not so welcoming. Thanks for the maps @John, will definitely be using those on our first outing. He's getting used to some of the main constellations such as Orion and Ursa Major, knows how to find Polaris using UM. @Tiny Clanger Ive invested in a good Thermos flask and fingerless gloves are next on this list. As for snacks......looks like turkey and stuffing sandwiches for the next
  7. Hello everyone from Rotherham, S.Yorks, Getting back into astronomy after many years out of it, mainly due to available time etc. But since my step son has acquired himself a nice 150mm dob I think its time to get back into it. Hopefully, I can blow the cobwebs off and I am not a complete noob at it. One of the benefits of getting back into it the the access to forums such as this, YouTube and other websites. Back when I was stargazing, the internet had barely even taken off and I had to rely on books and hope I was getting it right. Excited to get out and explore with him, we live
  8. Hi all, First I would like to say hello you to you all. I've been many years out of astronomy. Had a refractor and a newtonian many moons ago (no pun intended) and my step son has just got his first telescope. A Skywatcher Heritage 150p with 10mm and 25mm EP's (eventually will upgrade after he has had a bit of practice). I think I maybe be more excited over his Christmas present more than he is lol. All he has seen is pictures of nebula, galaxies and planets in all the books he has, and I don't want him to be underwhelmed on the first night out with it. Has anyone got any tips or ide
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