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  1. Roy

    hello to all

    Hi Brian and welcome to the forum
  2. Hi Stephen and welcome to SGL
  3. Roy

    Ski Bag

    This may be of interest to any of you guys with big truss tube dobs. I use one of these for the poles for my obsession and it's the perfect size and a great price too. Lidl Online
  4. Roy

    Hi From Lancashire

    Hi Mick and welcome to the forum Roy
  5. Hi Hadyn and welcome to the forum.
  6. Roy

    Hi From East Anglia

    Hi ya Shibby (Lewis) welcome to the forum mate.
  7. Roy

    Hello from London

    Hi ya Hamit and welcome to the forum
  8. That's really nice Martin, I had to drive to Norfolk to image the Rosette but it was well worth it.
  9. Hi ya Marc and welcome to the club mate
  10. Hi Doug, Welcome to the forum.
  11. Hi Sal and welcome to the forum
  12. Roy

    Hi from Wales.

    Welcome to the forum Chris
  13. Hi ya Liam and welcome to SGL
  14. Roy


    Hi ya David and welcome to SGL
  15. Roy

    hi all

    Hi Pete and welcome to SGL
  16. Very nice Cat, I've been toying with this imaging lark for about 5 years on and off and I still haven't managed to bag the HH yet. I was hoping to have a go at it at kelling but the weather had other ideas. Well done m8.
  17. Hi ya Neil and welcome to the club
  18. Hi ya Stuart and welcome to SGL I'm also in Peterborough, congratulations on getting your new scope, It's not easy finding things but stick with it mate I'm sure you'll get there. (Easy for me to say, I use goto)
  19. Hi ya mate, I use a 7" x 5" pent for my obsy and as most have said it is a bit of a squeeze at times but I do all right from it, having said that if I was to start again I'd get something a bit bigger. I should mention that I only use a couple of small refractors which helps. I also made a roof that I can lift off as I was on a budget at the time and the original was way to heavy, one day I'll have a proper roll off job
  20. Cheers all Tim don't rub it in mate , nice to meet you too by the way. I'm hoping to get there again next year and I'll probably do it after the main event again.
  21. Nice one Steve, guiding looks good too mate.
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