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  1. Another attempt at photographing the moon, unfortunately not with the scope, i used my Canon EOS 650D, 250mm Telephoto lens. Moon_300121.tif
  2. Evening all As a beginner i have been using my Canon EOS 650D Camera with a 250mm Telephoto lens to image the moon. My question is , I have a chance of getting a Celestron Skyris 132C camera (New) at a very reasonable price. Will this be a good buy or am i better off sticking to the DSLR for planets. My scope is a Nexstar 127 SLT, I have the attachments for the Canon but not started using it yet. Any advice would be gratefully received Regards Gary Nexstar 127SLT, Canon EOS650D, Backyard EOS
  3. Evening allDecided tonight to have a go at photographing the moon with my DSLR, too icy to get the telescope outIt is my very first attempt this way and i know i have a very long way to go but thought i would show the results.EquipmentCanon EOS 650D with EF-S 55-250mm Telephoto Lenshttps://ibb.co/dk2wLZdhttps://ibb.co/QDfBx1j
  4. Welcome, Newbie myself - Enjoy the experience
  5. Evening all I have a Nexstar 127SLT which i am trying to connect to CPWI, I have the Ascom 6 platform installed and am able to connect to the mount via this, but for some reason when i try to connect to the handset in CPWI, it doesnt find it. My main question is, Does CPWI require a Nexstar+ handset to work as mine isnt, i have fully upraded the handse and the motor controllers, the handset is ver 4.xx Any advice is gratefully received Regards Gary
  6. Evening all I have just purchased a replacement finderscope for my nexstarhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00 ... UTF8&psc=1 My question is : Is the mount a permanent fix or can it be moved or swapped, with the new scope on it seems to be set furthur back and becomes an obstacle when viewing through the eyepieces. Any advice greatly Appreciated Gary
  7. Thanks for the reply, I have seen that one, mines a bit more basic at the mo, basically, takes single shot, preview or a run of 5 lol
  8. Morning folks I thought i would have a go at setting up a raspberry pi camera system for my Nextsar 127 SLT, This is a first never had anything to do with Raspian before so on a rather slow learning curve. I have managed to install the operating system and enter a basic python script to control the camera. My issue now is I have 2 cameras which can be used, the original small unit (picam1.jpg), and a larger unit with infrared (picam2.jpg), the infrared units do come off easily. Any advice please on which would the better one to use, i am an extreme noob with the telescope and mainly looki
  9. Yea totally agree, i do get one advantage though, I live up on Baghill, so high up above the city, my back garden is quite long and i have large conifers at the end, a lot of the light pollution is not there, so when the good weather comes it really is clear skies.
  10. Hi allMy name is Gary, I live in Pontefract, West Yorkshire. By trade i am a Biomedical Support Engineer. Hobbies include Metal detecting, flying model RC helicopters and quads, 3D Printing and very very new to it, looking at the skies.I was registered on the forum a few years ago, but got trolled for being a newbie on other forums (not this one i may say) and basically gave up. I have a Celestron Nexstar 127 LST and still need to do a lot of book bashing. Well with the pandemic lockdown I have decided to dig the scope out again. I also am looking into the basis of a few projects i.e electroni
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