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  1. I Have a Eq2 mount and cannot afford optical tube and new Eq5 at the same time. Would I get away with using my Eq2 until I can replace it or will the weight of the 200mm just drag it down. Found a real bargain on a optical tube
  2. I have just manged to Collimate my bird Jones, I took the lense out of the focusing tube and did it with a Collimated laser collimation toole then put lense back in the focus tube. Got it done now I will see how much better it is. Thankyou all for your help and being welcoming
  3. Am I correct in if I remove the flat mirror and put a parabolic in its place Take the bird Jones lens out of the focusing tube that would improve the quality or am I stuck until I can afford a real telescope. Thanks for you time
  4. I have got a danubia Delta 30 I only paid £60 for it with everything it came with new. I now read they are pants, I cannot afford to replace it so how can I make it as functional as possible as in best view also will it be harder to collimate as it is not super well made I Only look at moon and bright stars as I'm very new . Thankyou for your time
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