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  1. Hi everyone, Wandered across this at telescope house. What do people think, something to be avoided or a ridiculously good bargin? Meade 10x50 Binocular Special Offer Pete
  2. Took my first Saturn shots two nights ago also. Was employing a different technique though... Not got a webcam setup yet so still in the aiming my EOS 450 down the eye piece and firing a few shots off. Seem to be getting some nice images though. Got a moon shot which I'm really pleased with. Do many people take photos like I'm doing? Seems like an easier way to get started than with the webcam/tracking setup. Although I appreciate you can get much better results with that in the end. Pete
  3. Hi chaps, Took my first photos through my new scope a couple of nights ago. Had a great evenings viewing seeing saturn venus and mars all for the first time! Dont really know how to attach my camera to my scope yet so just aimed it through the EP and took a few shots. I've got GIMP on my laptop but dont really know how to 'process' ones pics. Ah much to learn I still have! Pete
  4. Hmmm a useful artical. I've removed the dew shield but am unable to see the described screw heads for adjusting. Anyway I haven't even taken the thing outside yet so will cross that bridge later if things still dont seem right. Thanks for your help
  5. Hello everyone, I've spent many weeks reading through this forum as I start my adventures in astrology (kidding) and I would like to thank you all for the wealth of information and advice you don't know you have given me. This advice has cummulated in the purchase of a C100ED-R from Sherwoods, whom I have to say delivered with exceptional speed and answered the phone within two rings when I had a question with regard to setup. Impressive in this day-and-age. I have two questions for the group. Firstly, as I would like to write a first light report of the scope once the clouds lift I was wondering what exactly I should be looking for/write in the report. Sure I can write things like its shiny, black, nice to touch, mount made of iron reinforced with iron (cant believe how sturdy it is...) but - as a scientist - I can of feel I could do with a structure to my homework. As a total newb I'm interested in what things the seasoned astronomer would be looking at when assessing a scope, and whether you a structure in mind whilst making this assessment. Secondly, do refractors such as these need something like collimation (dont really understand what that involves...). The reason I ask is that when looking down t'road with it I get the impression of a double image. Only very slight, but noticeable when compared to the finder scope which is crisper than a crisp thing. I've read that the supplied diagonal and EP are 'ok' and wonder if they are the cause. Many thanks for your help Peter
  6. I have also just received this scope from the same supplier and indeed was also bemused by the mounting of the scope to the plate! So I rang the chappy and he basically said exactly what is written in the replies above. The extra dovetail is exactly that. An extra. Doesn't help that the instruction booklet tells you to attach the dovetail to the rings and makes no mention of the clamp thingy that the scope actually comes with. Hopefully will have first light tonight on my first scope. If only I new more things in the sky than plough + moon...
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