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  1. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to test it out, as there’s not much space between the clamp and the support rod, but enough to make it slip. Thanks
  2. Good thinking Ruud I’ll try that and see if it helps? Thank you.
  3. Thanks, but the movement occurs whilst the reflex sight rail is attached to the support rod.
  4. Hi All, I've recently acquired a pair of Celestron 20x80 Pro bins; however even with the lock nut tightened there is some slight movement with the reflex sight rail. I'm using a Baader SkySurfer III RDF. Thanks
  5. R3Z4


    Hello, I have been visiting the site regularly over the years, and more so recently during lockdown. As a consequence I’ve been inspired to invest in some astro gear, as I’ve been using a pair of 10x50 bins. The views have been really good and I’ve discovered a great deal, however it’s time to upgrade. I have a number of books, resources and apps, all of which have been beneficial. I’ve decided on bins with better magnification and a decent tripod. Plus I’m looking forward to meeting new people, hopefully having clear skies and developing my interest in astronomy through the forum. Thanks Rez
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