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  1. Hi all,

    I've just bought a EQ1 mount for my 70mm refractor, and I need a set of tube rings for the OTA, but I am not sure what size to buy.

    Skywatcher have a 90mm set and a 101mm set, so I'm assuming one of these should do, as I have heard that the rings need to be slightly bigger than the size of the tube.

    Can anyone please advise?

    Kind regards!!


  2. Hi all,

    I was doing a very quick bit of astronomy shortly ago, and just as I was packing up, I saw a very bright object appear on the North-West horizon and move upwards gaining speed, go straight over the 'top' of the sky and then slowed down and disappeared around the South-East horizon.

    The time was 00.15 today (just about half an hour ago), and it took 1-2 minutes from its appearance to it's disappearance.

    I've checked the ISS tracker for Canterbury (where I am), but it says the ISS is only due around 03.30 tonight.

    I turned the scope on it, but as usual, they move so fast it was difficult to get a good enough view.

    I'm pretty sure it wasn't merely a plane, as it moved in a very similar way to how the ISS moves (which I've been lucky enough to see a couple of times) ... but of course I could be wrong.

    Can anyone help me understand what it was I may have seen?

    Thank you all!!


  3. Hi,

    I am recently jumped on the £6 bandwagon for an 880 with the intention of upgrading the software to make it a 900 (I actually bought 2 of them - irresistible!).

    But I really do not know anything about how to start with this... I was hoping that SGL's cumulative knowledge could either give me an introduction to the basics, or point me in the right direction of where I may find one.

    My questions include:

    What modifications would you recommend if I want to take pictures of the planets, and also of deep space? I have read that I need a long exposure mod for deep space, but why is this? Why would it not just work from short exposures? If anyone could provide a scientific answer, that would be good :o

    I know I have to get a nose-piece and IR Filter, but is that all?

    My Nexstar 8 GPS does not have a wedge, and therefore will this cause me a problem?

    What software would you recommend me to download to start processing some good images?

    Any other knowledge that you guys feel I could benefit from would be very much appreciated!

    As soon as I get going with pictures, I'll upload them and tell you how it all went!

    Thanks!!!! :)

  4. Hi all,

    Last night we saw a really bright object go from horizon to horizon, straight over our heads, and we managed to manually track it and have a look through the scope at it. It looked like a massive Space Invader. I think this might have been the International Space Station, but am not sure. It took something like 3 minutes to pass from about 20 degrees on the horizon West, over us to begin disappearing at about 20 degrees East.

    What do you guys think? Was this my first encounter with the ISS, or should I get practising on my space invaders game in case we are being invaded :D?

  5. Hi all,

    I am considering venturing into astrophotography, but would like everyone to give a small review on all the Canon DSLR's they have ever used for astro please.

    I want to know how good they each are in general, the good points, bad points, how long it takes to photoshop them, or if any of them requires no photoshopping, and what you would recommend me to buy. Also how much better are the images with the IR mod? If there is not much difference I would probably prefer to keep it unmodded, for general use.

    Or would anyone advise me to start with a webcam even before a DSLR?

    Thanks so much! Hopefully once I decide, I will uploads my first pictures for you all to see :rolleyes: can't wait!

  6. Hi all,

    I live in Crawley in West Sussex, so light pollution is quite bad, but not terrible. I have recently been bought a Celestron Astromaster 70AZ and have done a few small mods to it, such as changing the RDF for a superior one, and upgrading the diagonal.

    I have taken it out a few times, and had lovely views of the Moon, and Saturn, and smaller views of Venus and Mars.

    My question is what other objects should I be able to see with a scope of this kind? DSO's are going to be tricky, especially with the pollution, but are there any other objects that people suggest I could have a look out for?

    Also, has anyone figured out what the highest mag. eyepiece is that can be reasonably used with this telescope, and also has anyone attempted any astrophotography with this scope, and if so please can you tell me what equipment you have used, what you have managed to photo, and how well they came out.... you might even want to upload a picture or two :)

    Many thanks for all your help. I really want to try to get as much out of this telescope as I can, and any help is much appreciated!

    Simon :rolleyes:

  7. Hi all,

    Firstly the film camera:

    I have got a EOS 5, and and EOS 300v film SLR's. I was wondering if I could consider doing some astrophotography with either of them. I would be happy if all the could achieve is planetary. I would be wanting to use my Celestron Nexstar 8 GPS. Would I need a wedge for this, or could I get away with a planetary alignment tool thingy? Or possible just the scope as it is?

    Secondly the Canon G11:

    I also have a Canon G11 digital camera - it's just about the best digital camera around I believe shy of the DSLR's in my opinion, but has anyone ever used on for Astrophotography? I know there are universal digital camera adapters, are these any good, or is it possible to build or buy an adapter anywhere that would allow me to bolt this one to my Nexstar 8 GPS?

    Please help me with these problems if you can, I am really wanting to get started with some astrophotography, and am hoping to use the equipment I already have, rather than have to shell out money which I technically don't have :rolleyes:

    Thanks you all for your excellent advice on my never-ending stream of questions... I have learnt so much from you all!

  8. Hi All,

    I am looking to acquire some sort of carry case or storage case for my Celestron Nexstar 8 GPS. It's a bit of a beast as most SCT's are, and so I was thinking along the lines of a travel suitcase perhaps?? I have heard of other people buying large flight-cases from places such as Maplin I believe.

    Can anyone suggest a way of doing this. Also my budget is by no means limitless, so the cheaper the better, but of course it has to offer quite good protection. This might be asking the impossible... cheap and good... comes along occasionally I suppose :rolleyes:

  9. Hi Everyone! I'm taking a trip up to Scotland next month, and have ensured that the location I'm staying at is well within the severely dark patch shown on the dark skies map. I kind of wish I could now invest in my first basic imaging setup, i.e. webcam or something, but cant really afford it :rolleyes:

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about astronomy in Scotland in general, i.e. are the skies really as dark as the map indicates? Are there any proper observatories I could visit?

    Or can you tell me any good advice in general about visiting Scotland, i.e. places not to miss, any local customs, etc (Sorry I know this should only really be about observing in this forum)

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