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  1. I agree with trying what you have first Chris, they may well be perfect for you, and if they arent up to scratch then you can always buy a new pair, but you may save yourself some money which you could spend on other astronomy gear by at least giving the "old" ones a try first.
  2. My Telrad is the same as the others have said, loads of travel before a viewable reticle appears and then a realtively short travel until its at max brightness, but still plenty of room to get it just how I like it.
  3. I hate seeing deals like this as I actually found myself contemplating, if only for a minute or so, actually buying one, then I pictured my wifes reaction and my bank statement ....but even then I thought about it a bit more, before being strong enough to resist !
  4. At that price its around £100 less than buying the OTA and mount seperately.
  5. Why not ask them, ? it may be a "mistake" on their part, but it might not be and you get an EQ5 instead of the EQ3/2
  6. Hi Ady, if you try posting the question on the SGL TAL users group forum Stargazers Lounge - Tal Users Group AndyH who posts on there is very knowledgeable about the TAL factory and has bought stuff directly from them, he's your best bet for an answer to your problem. He also posts on here too, so the word "TAL" in your topic heading will no doubt draw him to it
  7. Sounds interesting Rob, once you carry this out any chance of a "how-to" guide ?
  8. I dont have an Orion refractor, but on my TAL 100RS the lens cell is held in place with three screws and could be easily removed if required, if your Orion 80 is the same as the larger ones as GazOC suggests, then it should be fairly easy..good luck.
  9. Sounds like a good session Steve, slippers and all .
  10. I have a 200P on an EQ5, and find that for visual use it is perfectly acceptable, the tubular stainless steel tripod legs make a real difference to the stability of the setup. I also use the EQ5 with my TAL 100RS refractor and with the 4" scope it is a marriage made in heaven. I added dual motor drives, which I managed to get second hand for a reasonable price, and Im more than happy with the mount. The 200P ota is very good, and is fairly lightweight, and easy to move around. all in all I am more than happy with the scope/mount combination, and unless I fancied moving into imaging ( and losing what little hair I have left ) I dont think I would consider buying a bigger/heavier mount...unless the right deal came up.
  11. Sadly, yes . I know that most EQ mounts ( excluding high end stuff) are mass produced in China,and I'm not saying thats a bad thing, but the mount that came with my Seben scope looked like it had come straight from the "rejects" skip outside a GSO factory.
  12. Take it from one who learned the hard way, dont touch Seben scopes with a Barge-Pole. You did the right thing by coming on here and asking for advice before buying. The best advice I could give you is to always come onto this forum and ask for advice before making any Telescope purchase.
  13. I often feel privileged to be able to see something so far away that it is unknown and unseen to the majority of people, who will probably never have the opportunity to see what I am seeing, almost makes me feel sometimes like knocking on the neighbours doors and sharing it with them
  14. I like those images, the colour really adds something to the general atmosphere ( no pun intended ) . The added contrast the colour brings is really nice.
  15. Glad to hear that your on the road to recovery Brownclaw, good luck,
  16. If the powerbreaker is plugged into your mains socket indoors, can you then plug an extension lead into the powerbreaker and then the TAL transformer into the extension lead and still be protected, ( sorry if thats a stupid question) or would you need two powerbreakers, one in the mains socket and one between the transformer and the extension lead?
  17. Thanks very much guys, Andy, above and beyond the call of duty , many thanks for taking the time to post the pics,
  18. Sounds good, I dont have any intentions of using it for anything other than visual . I was wondering about using it away from home if an EQ5 mount would be capable of holding the TAL ota, although I gather that I would have to get some seperate tube rings as the TAL ones are permanently attatched to the mount?
  19. Hi Andy, thanks for your swift response. So basically for use in the garden from the house mains it will track things fine for visual use ? Im a bit wary about using something plugged into the mains in damp/dewy conditions though. Ive been looking at all the usual sites to try and find a user manual or list of parts to make sure there is nothing missing when I go to pick it up. But even the main TAL site has nothing, as I think they have stopped making this particular model of scope ?
  20. Andy, would I be correct in thinking that without this adapter the motor, when powered from the mains will not allow the telescope to track in RA at the required speed ? Having just about made a suicidal move ( as far as my marriage is concerned ) buying a motorised TAL 150, the prospect of forking out even more on an adapter of some kind (which at 99 Euros aint too cheap) , is none too thrilling .
  21. James...you have too much time on your hands...
  22. Astonishing John, sublime detail. I dont do any imaging myself, but I love looking at the stuff you guys post.
  23. So when are those of us in the northern hemisphere likely to get a decent view of an open ringed Saturn? Jupiter is great...but its no saturn
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