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  1. Yes I have that mount which is it do u have a link? Thanks
  2. hi again all have returned and still in search of a goto. not had scope out for months and could do with a second hand or cheap goto for the scope. any one selling one at all?
  3. cheers am i right in thinking on this link below i can buy the 2 links to upgrade it without buying the mount? Skywatcher EQ3-2 Deluxe Equatorial Mount [skyWatcher-20448] - 165.00 : 365Astronomy: Discovery for every day!
  4. can anyone link me to a goto system i can look at for my above mentioned telescope? I lost interest a little as found it hard to find things so looking at whether its cost effective and will get me back outside!
  5. I found Saturn on Friday night and was se at around 9:30 first time I have looked and was well impressed with it
  6. thats not for the stand thats just the goto box to put on my mount!
  7. hi i have a skywatcher 150p and i believe it has a EQ-3 stand. I am looking at a goto system to make life easy and wondered if anyone could help or if anyone had one for sale? found a few online but there £300 i thought i had seem some for less than this a while ago. thanks
  8. just had a look think the houses are blocking my view the joys or a small cul de sac!
  9. anyone in or around barnsley organise meets? me and wife wanted a guiding hand on using the scope and where to look!
  10. thanks for all the help people much appreciated. I will have a look at the mcamera and go again!
  11. i am finding this hard to master i have the above mentioned camera with proper connecter and wondered what else i could be doing wrong still same results. should i use the barlow etc i cant seem to zoom in with the camera as i had to take the zoomer off the front and attach the camera straight to scope. sorry i am a complete notcie at this and am probably just going too far forward into taking piccys before i even fully understand the scope! just promised my grandad a good piccy of the moon for him!
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