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  1. Hi Peter, Thanks a million! I was able to try slowly move the camera set up away from the focuser, as well as removing the t adapter and slowly moving it towards the focuser. I was able to see objects begin to come into view from the latter. So I'll need to reduce the distance between the camera and the focuser. I'm unsure how to go about doing this yet, but at least I'm now aware of the cause. Thanks for your help! Very much appreciated! - Dylan
  2. Thank you both for the advice! I think you're right and I will need a longer adapter. I'll try look for one and in the meantime I may look into the Mosaic method with Microsoft ICE and get some practice in. Thanks again guys. Very much appreciated! - Dylan
  3. Hi All, Complete beginner here, with this being my first post to the forum. I recently bought my first scope and I've had a couple nights so far with just viewing. I've now decided to try my hand at utilising my camera and hoping to try stack images and get a decent shot of the moon. The issue I'm having at the moment is that I can't seem to get the moon fully in frame. Using a T ring adapter and Barlow lens attached to my scope I'm essentially cropping out edges of the moon, however when I remove the actual barlow lens and use only the adapter, T ring and my scope as the prime, I can't seem to focus. This may be a pretty basic issue, so apologies, I haven't had much luck with google yet. I'm unsure if I require some sort of reducer or if I'm perhaps overlooking something. For reference I'm using the following: Celestron 130 EQ Fujifilm XT3 (APS-C) Barlow adapter/lens Kipon T2 Adapter for Fuji Really appreciate any guidance or advice you can offer. Dylan
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