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  1. Well done, looks a lot like my first ever pic. It's addictive mind, you'll want more, more, MORE!
  2. I went out tonight just to experiment with a longer video of 3 mins, framerate down to 10fps and fullscreened it while finetuning (bit of a joke with R&P) the focus and the scope had been outside for 4 hours before using. And the results were... no better. Seeing was definitely worse as the sky was turning orange as the night progressed. But I think my biggest problem is focussing. I'm going to have another look at collimating because even with an EP I don't see any further detail and also strip this R&P focuser down and do that teflon mod.
  3. Thanks Ralph, thinking of saving up for a crayford, my R&P has so much play on it I've been thinking of stripping it down and "servicing" it for a while now and I'll give this teflon tape mod a go too.
  4. Hi Brian, you could be right there but collimation will be my last resort as I don't have a collimator at the moment but I have used a video camera to collimate as suggested in one of Doc's threads and it did improve the image. I'm looking to acquire another eyepiece which will give a more useful higher mag as I only have a 25mm, a 20mm to 7mm variable and a pretty useless 2mm. I tried to squeeze max mag out of my scope before known enough about it, with a 1000mm focal length scope, I mistakenly thought a 2mm EP would give me a good 500x image... .
  5. Thanks guys, sounds like very sensible advice. It is a R&P focuser. The video properties say it was 24fps which doesn't sound right, but I know I set it in vlounge as high as I could. I'll report back after my next session out.
  6. Hi, looking for some advice on what I could be doing wrong. I don't seem to be able to get images any better (sharper, in focus) than this one. I used a skywatcher 200mm reflector, a 2x barlow, one of those SPC 880 webcams we all got from Morgans though mine has stayed un-modded, vlounge to capture about 17 secs of video and stacked, brightened, played around with contrast, colours, histogram, sharpening filters in registacks. The scope was outside for about an hour before the image was taken to cool down. But I couldn't focus any sharper, I know I should be able to from the fantastic images posted on here, but I'm just a bit bewildered. Any comments welcome. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Russ, I just bought one (can't afford 5) looking forward to getting some good images rather than holding my mobile cam upto the eyepiece.
  8. Hi Des and fellow SGL members, I'm also in Staffordshire, Stoke to be exact. I'm fairly new to SGL but have found it a great place full of advice.
  9. I've just been out tonight and found Uranus for the first time ever. Fantastic. Used Jupiter as a signpost and directions from Stellarium it was really easy to find tonight. Blinking clouds kept getting in the way though but I'm well chuffed now. Just Neptune left to see, can't wait. Beautiful.
  10. Mick, thank you for this idea. I'm new to astronomy and I bought an 8" skywatcher second hand with an EQ4 mount last September, came with a 25mm eyepiece and was amazed with it. I later bought a 2mm eyepiece and a variable 7mm-20mm eyepiece with barlow. Since then I have been made redundant and dropped the telescope. Luckly nothing was smashed, just the tube dented and spider vane buckled. However my viewing was now so fuzzy I was distraught. It seemed after researching I needed a collimator, which I could no longer afford. Thanks to this thread I have managed to use my Fuji Finepix DSLR which fits snugly into the 2" focuser to collimate my scope and the results are now better than when I bought it. Thank you so much. Neil
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