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  1. How about the secondary mirror, does it have any collimation screws?
  2. You should definitively do this before buying anything else - telescope or lens. I'm not a reflector user, but from what I've read a lot of people use a Cheshire collimator. It shouldn't be very expensive since it's quite simple to make (you can also 3D print one if you have a printer available). Keep in mind that a fast reflector, like yours, will probably be a bit more tricky to collimate, hence you should dedicate some time to it, especially at the beginning. As for the eyepieces, keep an eye on the used market - where I live, we don't have a big second hand market, but I was able to
  3. I wouldn't go for an EQ2 mount, the minimum would be an EQ3. An EQ mount is more complex than an AltAz mount, because of this it's usually more expensive. In order to provide a scope and an EQ mount at this price, a lot of corners need to be cut. EQ mount pros (for visual use): it's easier to manually track the object, once it's in sight, you only need to adjust the RA knob Cons: harder to setup: even though polar aligning is not that difficult, it still requires extra time; it's fun when you do it the first time, but you will need to do it (at least roughly) every time;
  4. To be honest, I would avoid both of them - the 70mm of aperture is quite small for visual use, you probably won't be able to see much besides planets from an urban region. Dark skies would probably help, but at 900mm focal length, it's not very portable (still doable though). At this price range, a pair of binoculars might be a better match - a lot more portable and you'll probably see the same things. If you're not set on refractors, I would also consider this one: https://www.ozscopes.com.au/skywatcher-heritage-5-dobsonian-telescope.html It's sold also as AWB OneSky and has ve
  5. I have the Startravel 120/600 and I'm very happy with it. Yes, it does show some CA, but I don't really find it that bad. Most of the times the atmospheric conditions and sky brightness are bigger problems than CA. There are a few ways to control CA, decreasing the aperture & filters, but all of them have some disadvantages. It's light, easy to carry and kind of easy to store - I'm not very comfortable storing it vertically, hence I always need to find a place to put it horizontally. I've also considered Evostar 120, but since I wanted to try to some imagining (especially EAA) with i
  6. I've looked at it as well, but the price difference between EQ3 and EQ5 didn't seem that big - between the GoTo versions it's 150 GBP, but EQ3 comes with an aluminium tripod. In terms of payload capacity, at least on paper, EQ3 seems very similar with AZ GTi, with a max payload of 5kg. Although EQ3 seems to be a bit more sturdy. Is there a bigger difference between them in real life? I do have some second thoughts about AZ GTi, I could get it for the price of the GoTo upgrade kit for EQ5. Or even less without the tripod, which doesn't seem that great. But I'm not sure how well ST120 would
  7. Thank you very much David for the comprehensive post! And many thanks to everyone else that contributed to this thread. I was very close to ordering a 150P-DS and EQ5 Goto bundle but I stopped on the last step of the checkout process :). A big equatorial mount with a newtonian on top might be a good match for EAA and maybe even astrophotography, but it doesn't seem so great when there's finally a night with good seeing, during a work day when you only have 1 hour. Involving small children would also be hard, since they probably can't even reach the eyepiece of a newtonian on an EQ mount.
  8. I agree about the goto mount. It's something that I'd like to get from the beginning, or definitively as the next step if the budget doesn't allow. My main concern was that most budget friendly Alt AZ goto mounts have a max payload of 5kg, which limits the scopes that they can be used for. The next options with higher capacity would be cheap EQ mounts that can be upgraded to goto (EQ3, EQM35 or EQ5), but they require more time to setup. Celestron SE line was on my list, but I dismissed them due to the price and high focal lengths. For the price of a Celestron 5SE, I could get an 80ED APO
  9. I've spent the past few weeks trying to decide on an EAA setup that could be started with a lower budget and upgraded without throwing everything away. I feel that I've reached a standstill at the moment and it would be great if I could get some advice, just to be sure that I'm going in the right direction. My goals are, - Focus mainly on DSOs. - While the main focus should be for EAA, I would like to also involve my two daughters (my oldest one is 5 years old), preferably for visual. They probably won't have enough patience to wait until I polar align and star hop, althoug
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