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  1. TIme for News Quiz download and beddybyes ... have fun folks - hope the clouds clear!
  2. To those who saw it ... I'm dead jealous. Sat looking for ages, freezing my socks off. Clouds thinned away. Blasted smokey atmosphere tho made my eyes water - so poor round here I think they are burning the furniture! Then it dawned on me what I could see wa barely mag 7.5 ... so gave up. Would have set up the 8" Dob but not got enough room on that balcony without leaving the door wide open and half telescope indoors! Seriously tho - well done those who saw - lucky you indeed!
  3. clouds cleared! yeah! how fast will this thing seem to be going with binocs i wonder? I ma sed to seeing sats but they whizz by.
  4. DOH heres the link altho not sure how long cast is
  5. This is quite interesting if you have cloudy skies
  6. Making do with the ustream views from down under
  7. hehe I can't say i do really (getting old!) ... blooming clouded in here and where I am should be appearing pretty soon :-(
  8. Ditto that. It's great stuff - just watch for the odd pinhole appearing over time. I made my solar filter using some plant pot plates Not my idea, but a brilliant one. Stores away safely in another two plates!
  9. I am not a quitter, but I think I am officially giving it up from here at least . From here when it's highest, it is behind some trees, then it passes behind them and I have about 20 degrees azimuth in which to view it without it passing into stuff. It's still too low really, most things are rolling at that altitude and with our weather here at the moment. The other night was so clear and steady - but it was sooooooooooo cold! I called it a night before it had cleared the trees.
  10. Oooh cool! I shall have to have a look - much less cold tonight!
  11. That's good going with a 6". Strange it looked bigger than all those years ago - usually memory amplifies rather than diminishes things. I hunted for M1 several times last year, and gave it up as something that just would not be visible from my city skies. Tonight, after two weeks of clouds, clear skies. Not the absolute best seeing but pretty good once things cooled down. I determined I would try again. I also at last got the chance to check if my collimation (my very first!) was spot on or not. Seems pretty well there, so that was a plus. Got out my new 17 mm Hyperion. Won't be using the 25
  12. Nice set of Hyperions there Alan. And these Maplin cases are certainly popular (hope they don't cotton on - they're sure to put the price up!).
  13. A Happy Birthday indeed! Let us know what the UWA is like (I haven't seen many reviews for these skywatchers) (Case looks neat too!)
  14. Another thing for difficult double noobs to watch out for sadly is reflections. I thought I saw the Pup - it was just like in the photos and sketches. I was well thrilled. Then someone suggested I didn't. So I had another look another night, not the best night. And yes there it was, faithfully following Sirius. Then I changed my position relative to the focuser and looked again. Uh-oh! I then determined it was in fact a very tiny reflection from somewhere Incredible. Needless to say I have since had my black paint out and blacked everything I could see that was not black (unfortunately tho c
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