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  1. Thanks for the idea Tenor: my tripod weighs in at a hefty 4.5kg by itself and and can easily take another 10kg which would make it absolutely rock solid. I'll lug something heavy out next time .
  2. Hi Corncrake, Thanks for your interest and help. Its a mirror-less camera and not at all suited to AP (slow lens, small sensor...). I just wanted to see if a simple set-up - for which read not getting anything new - could get results that would compare/reflect what I see in my bins. I have to say, it's exceeded expectations with much fainter stars coming out with a bit of post-processing (mag 7 easy to see, mag 8 evident even in the poor conditions for the shots of vega last night with only 49 frames). I save both RAW and JPG (raw - Panasonic call them RW2 - for stacking, jpg to qu
  3. Many thanks for everyone's input: as I say, I'm testing the AP waters (without investing in new equipment). A bit more information: the camera (DMC-TZ100 compact: 1" 20MP sensor) was on a solid tripod (Manfrotto 475B, Benro S6 head: more than capable of holding the camera steady). No tracking let alone guided (I think this is where the trailing comes from). Used the built in time-lapse, so not touching the camera as it shoots. 5 second exposure [10 second exposures produce noticeable trailing]. ISO-400 (twilight conditions). Focal length 27mm (73mm as 35mm equivalent) . Consensus seems
  4. I though at first it was vibration, but I'm not so sure: I use the camera's timelapse and the next frame shows similar 'trails' in the more peripheral stars but nothing on Vega. And, forgive my ignorance, but wouldn't movement of the size of the 'plume' do at least something to the image of other stars? [when I subtract the two frames all that's left is the plume]
  5. I was playing with a simple compact camera last night, taking shots of Vega. The first of a series of 50 shots shows a weird 'plume' out of Vega (see image). I know there's terrible lighting - it was only 11 at night and it was more twilight than night: in my defence, I was just playing, thinking that if I can't get something out of a 1" compact camera, AP isn't for me. I'm a complete newbie at this but (1) None of the other stars have it, so not vibration? (2) It's not on dark frames, so not a sensor artefact? (3) It's one the .RW2 file as well as the .JPG, so not JPG processing artefa
  6. That's them ordered (skymaster pros from FLO; Nikon from Park Cameras). Will post an update and my thoughts when they arrive (and the clouds clear enough) Thanks again for all the input (and to my family for agreeing without me having to twist arms)
  7. Dear all, Many thanks for the help. Rather than wondering if a bit more reading and research would find better binos for the money (analysis paralysis), I'm going to go ahead and get the skymaster pro 15X70's and the Nikon Action-Ex 10X50's. What's more, John think he might be able repair my Strathspey's. As I can't get rid of either the Alomo 15X65's or the Strathspeys (too many great things seen through both of them) it seems like I'm going to have some spares, which is never a bad thing. Thanks again and sorry to bring the clouds in over the Dundee area in time to stop me being ab
  8. Steve: thanks for the suggested alternative to the NatureSports. Peter: I'm sure the APM 10X50ED's are lovely but they are too expensive and I want to have central focusing for more general use. Things change rapidly: FLO are offering the skymaster pro 15X70 at £125, which has really caught my eye. I've consulted my financial advisers (family) and the current permissions are (1) Get the skymaster pros 15X70's and (2) Get myself an early birthday present of an upgrade to the Strathspeys (the Nikon Action-EX 10X50's or similar). I love my family Even this is a change from earlier t
  9. Dear knowledgeable ones. I've dropped my Strathspey 10X50 waterproof (they lasted 10 years which is a miracle for me). The bridge is loose and even when I move it to get both eyepieces in focus, the pin-prick view of stars isn't quite as good as it was. So I'm looking for a replacement. I love the 6.5 FoV and central focusing (also used for daytime viewing of birds & nature). I use them tripod mounted for star-gazing (Harma 64 with its height is great for close to zenith viewing) so want a tripod attachment (the Olympus DPS doesn't seem to have one). I've an old Aloma (Tokyo) Comet 1
  10. But Saturn was easy - the joy is proportional to the effort. And trust me, there's always one that is harder to get (for certain)... You will soon become addicted, always searching for the next one, always wondering if you will be next. Then of course your partner brings you down to earth with a bump.... And your kids stress you out even more..... So out you go again, looking, searching.... God I love it
  11. Just keep going Oily. There's nothing like the satisfaction when you find your target and can say "I did that"
  12. Dennis, Ditto Pete's request. A cut and paste job and off we go Permission please
  13. MikeOram


    Welcome to a great forum Kris. I'm just starting out and find this forum excellent. Or very very bad: I spend too much time looking at the discussions All I can say is don't even think about giving up on the binos - I take mine out with their tripod every time and couldn't find a thing without them. I search for "targets" with the bino's, rush indoors to look at Stellarium then in and out until I know where I am. Should I get a GoTo system? NO. I'm old fashioned and want to learn the sky. I in a few years, I might know my way around . But in the meantime, I keep stumbling across the most awe-
  14. Of course you jinxed it Sunny all daya here: great I thought Got home - and still sunny Sun's beginning to go down - still sunny Sun's now 5 degrees above the horizon and I can see the clouds rolling in Its all your fault
  15. Hi Doc, Can I ask why you'd go with the 4SE rather than the 127? Is the mount noticably better or something?
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