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  1. Wow that saves a lot of money! But most low cost mount is not rigid and will be shaky for DSo photography, is this the case for Az gti? Is it a good mount in general? Thanks!
  2. I considered the c5 se package before. However as my ultimate target is to photograph Dso, isn’t better to have an eq Mount and telescope separately? I just don’t like to buy the mount together which might not be satisfying after I get familiar with
  3. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. i hope I’m not being foolish, as I think the exact opposite way.... I am thinking to buy the mount afterwards instead, I’m living in Hong Kong, notorious for its light pollution. It’s virtually impossible to capture a Milky Way, not to even mention DSo... so the most accessible objects should be planets, which I suppose it does not require a good mount to photograph? secondly is the budget. I understand the importance of a mount, which is even superior than a telescope. But with my budget, i could only buy some entry level which I was told that it takes you more time to set it up than shooting... so I was planning to buy a good mount when I’m sure I’m serious with this hobby, if not, I could still use the scope for other spotting does this make sense or am I being foolish?
  4. Thanks man... I think I got my answer perhaps upgrade all those equipments when I tried the c5 for planetary, there are much to invest for DSo...
  5. Thanks a lot!! i ordered an astronomik cls filter, do you think it works fine with a c5? Perhaps I could still photograph some of the bright DSo?
  6. Thanks a lot @Carbon Brush and @scitmon I’ve spent the past few years on landscape photography and I do enjoy every process of it, so I think i would enjoy AP as well after some practices. The thing that makes me struggle between the 2 scopes is that I find it controversial for c5’s aperture over many forums. Some said it’s perfect for planets and capable of some popular DSo while some said you could barely see DSo with it. the thing that z61 attracts me is it’s light gathering power, I could do some observation or photography even though it might be to wide for details.
  7. Thanks a lot! In your opinion, is planetary photography easier to get familiar with? Since I live in a severely light polluted city, Dso might be impossible to capture even with large aperture. Besides, I was planning to get a mount when I am much more familiar with this hobby (financial considerations), so it should not be a good idea to start with Dso... Since I couldn’t keep tracking Dso, can c5 do some decent Dso observing other than shooting planets?
  8. Hello guys! I’m new to astrophotography and I was wondering what to buy as my first telescope. I’d like to take photographs of planets mainly, and some DSo sometimes i initially thought of the Celestron c5, as it has a great focal length and not so bad aperture which could allow me to observe and photograph quite a number of objects. But then I read some forums saying that the aperture is much more important, and as I’m not planning to buy a guider at the moment, it seems that it could be difficult to track objects with the c5 manually due to its focal length. after a second thought, the William optics z61 came to my mind, it has great focal ratio and wide fov which might be easier to spot objects for newbie like me however, I guess it’s not suitable for planetary photography? And how superior than c5 it is in terms of Dso photography ? thanks a lot!
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