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  1. hello, i live in bortle 8 skies and i tried to photograph the milky way last night with an astronomik cls filter. this is what happened: this is one of the subs, 20 secs, iso 1600, f/4.0 i tried to stack 66 of them in sequator and this is what i got : although the milky way could be seen faintly, im not satisfied with the color balance at all. i tried to adjust the levels from photoshop(its still bluish, but im not familiar with it), re-stack in DSS(it didnt work at all, maybe due to the foreground?), lightroom(but the milky way didnt appear at all.). so th
  2. Alright! One last thing, hope this isn’t a dumb question. Since I’m not sure how this guiding thing works, I don’t know how significant it is. Comparing a fair mount(star adventurer) with guiding and better mount(Cem25p) without guiding, which works better? it seems guiding is essential but is it a real game changer that even compensates for the inaccuracy of mount? Thanks!
  3. What if I replace the whole finder scope then? Any decent model will do?
  4. Any recommended guiding camera that is small and cheap which could be used on the c5 stock finder scope? I’m low on budget after buying a bunch of equipments at the same time...
  5. Emm... from what I know c5 should be only 6 pounds(~3kg), adding a DSLR and accessories should weigh less than 5 kg I guess.
  6. I’m not sure if it could handle my c5 even with a focal reducer, so I didn’t consider it it seems cem25p is capable of it, just like to know roughly how much time I got in each sub for a c5 with 0.63x reducer on cem25p?
  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!! the eq3 doesn’t seem that poor after all I got very negative feedback about it from other forums... how short was these subs? Say 30 secs? I envy your bortle 5 skies... it should be challenging for my bortle 8 skies...
  8. I guess most awesome work is done by the experienced, so if the eq3 is not that newbie friendly(especially me and my c5), I might not achieve those quality very soon... so im looking for something more accurate. How about the cem25p? Is it good enough?
  9. Hello guys, I am new to this hobby and now considering to get a serious eq mount for some DSo photography. i ordered a c5 and its on its way, I also own a canon 70-300mm. I’m aware that c5 isn’t a good scope for DSo, but it should be able to get some decent results, I would be mostly using the 300mm lens and sometimes the c5. since I don’t have a car, I’m looking for a mount which is portable but accurate enough to track. I am considering the eq3 pro and cem25p, but some said it could only give acceptable results up to 600mm, so not suitable for c5? Is it also not that good?
  10. I’m using eos r full frame just curious, I read other threads saying that multi band is less flexible, so why it’s still recommended instead of individual line filter on colour camera ?
  11. Thank you so much! do separate filters perform better than those allow multiple wavelength? I am struggling which to buy...
  12. Hello there, I’m new to this hobby. since I’m living under bortle 8 skies, and I would love to do some DSo photography, can it be done with a narrow band filter regardless the severe light pollution? It would be perfect if I could see the comparison that shows how effective the filter is. I saw some filter from STC is duo narrowband or multi spectra, is it better to buy them instead of filters with one wavelength only if I’m on low budget? Do they perform in the same way of single wavelength filter? Besides, I bought an astronomik cls filter recently, it allows me to take longer
  13. Wow that saves a lot of money! But most low cost mount is not rigid and will be shaky for DSo photography, is this the case for Az gti? Is it a good mount in general? Thanks!
  14. I considered the c5 se package before. However as my ultimate target is to photograph Dso, isn’t better to have an eq Mount and telescope separately? I just don’t like to buy the mount together which might not be satisfying after I get familiar with
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