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  1. Hi star. It can be used as a normal eyepiece or if you have a DSLR camera you can buy a t ring and screw the camera to the top to do eyepiece projection astro photography. It's a very good eyepiece in it's self, I have roughly the same kit and they are good eyepieces. Hope this helps. Marc.
  2. I've checked the firmware and it's EQ version 3.27. I have re-flashed it and it's seems to have sorted the problem out. It worked perfectly when I tried it out Monday night. Thanks for all the help. Marc.
  3. I love GT5 and the Killzone 3 demo was fantastic and I look forward to getting it. I'm totally addicted to bad company 2, what a game that is! And I also play LBP 2 with my wife and daughter.
  4. Hi Phil. Welcome from sunny Farnborough. Marc.
  5. Hi Malc.c. Thanks for the reply. When I first turned it on it was in the home position as you described. I parked the scope just to make sure that it knows the home position and it was spot on. I've done a one star, two star and three star alignment and I still get the same message. It finds objects with no problems and is very accurate, even with a rough polar alignment it still puts objects near enough in the centre of the eyepiece. I was considering re flashing the software to see if that cures the problem. All in all it works fine even when the message comes up, I was wondering if anyone else had come across it. Thanks for your help. Marc.
  6. I have a 200p on an EQ5 which I've upgraded with the EQ5 upgrade kit. I had no problems fitting it and I went out and tried it that night. I did a rough polar alignment and inputted my coordinates and date and time correctly. After I had done a 2 star alignment and it said alignment successful it came up with the message RA offset by 45 degrees. I ignored this and went to find M42 and M81/82 without any problems. Has this ever happen to anyone else?
  7. Hi Thunderchild and welcome to the forum from another Farnborough member. I'm a member of the Cody astronomical society, and as far as i know it's the only society in Farnborough, so hopefully I'll meet if you join. Marc.
  8. Hi and welcome to SGL from Farnborough, Hampshire. Marc.
  9. Hi and welcome to SGL. Marc.
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    Hi Paul and welcome to SGL. Marc.
  11. Hi and welcome to SGL. Marc.
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    Hi Georger. Welcome to SGL. Marc.
  13. Hi and welcome to SGL. Marc.
  14. Hi Ben and welcome to SGL. Marc.
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    Hi All

    Hi and welcome to SGL. Marc.
  16. Hi and welcome to SGL. Marc.
  17. Hi and welcome to SGL. Marc.
  18. Hi and welcome to SGL. Marc.
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