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  1. Hello,

    With this is first post on SGL I would like to have an idea if there are other amateur astronomers in the North London area with whom to meet, share the passion and the problems of living in a Bortle 8/9 zone.

    I sent a msg to the astronomical society of Haringey yesterday and I am waiting for their reply. I might try to go to Primrose Hill on Thursday if the weather cooperates to possibly meet with someone from the Baker St. irregular astronomers.

    On Saturday I was at Kelling Heath and despite talking with some amateurs there, I found only one guy from East London and one in Cambridge. It seems that astronomy is not a popular thing in an area with 8 millions people.... maybe because of that reason!

    So, if you would like to meet/connect or if you know someone that might want to, please, get in touch!


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