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  1. hi folks, Watched the 'stargazing live' programmes last week and decided now that rather than shell out a load of money on a telescope, to begin with i'd like to get a decent pair of binoculars. Ive got an app for my iphone which has 3D star layouts etc and ive been out looking at some constellations (big dipper & orion) over the last few nights. I dont want to spend any more than £50 really but i havent got a clue what im looking for. Ideally id like a pair light enough to hold but i want some decent views of constellations etc so any pointers and recommendations would be much appreciated
  2. think im going to take the plunge and purchase the Skywatcher Skyliner 150p Dobsonian telescope. one query i have though is regarding viewing from indoors. Would this be possible with this telescope. If not i dont mind going outdoors with it but will i need a big open space for viewing?
  3. hi guys posted some time ago but unfotuantely didnt end up getting a telescope at the time but have (with the help of an app on my iphone) been spotting planets etc for the last few months. What i was wondering was would it be as easy as finding a planet by using my iphone app then pointing a telescope in the direction? sorry to appear dumb but ive never used a telescope before
  4. thanks for all the help so far.....what i'm wondering is if i spend £150 on a telescope how good will i be able to see things, e.g saturn and rings will it be clear of just a bright light?
  5. hello, After watching last nights solar system programme on bbc2 i am very interested in getting some equipment so i can start doing a bit of star-gazing. I haven't got the first clue were to begin or what equipment i need so if anyone can give me a nudge in the right direction it'd be much appreciated.
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