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  1. Okay... I googled “Astro-3” mount, and from what I gather, it’s a EQ2.5ish mount... and I’ve found a comment on this form from 2013 looks a bit different, but it seems like with good greasing, you can use one of those small compact single axis motors, maybe I’ll give it a try!
  2. Wow, that is indeed very similar (or the same). Thanks for the info. does this mean I need to build the RA rig like his in the post? Looks like the cog is an unusual 139 teeth.. instead of the more common 144 I'm currently ok with just RA tracking... haven’t considered the whole auto guide thing..
  3. I just got an old kenko telescope cheap and I was thinking of going about modernizing it a bit. (okay its not very old) Since the equatorial mount that came with the telescope said it supported attachment of a R.A. motor, I was thinking of putting one on but I couldn't find any information on what kind of equatorial mount this is, is it EQ1, EQ2 or EQ3?? (pictures below) If it is EQ1 or EQ2, I was thinking of maybe attaching one of the simple type EQ 1/2 RA motors. (the economical types) Though I understand I need to ad hoc an adaptor to keep in place. Also, I've read those are
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