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  1. This as got to be one of the strangest case of mistaken identity ever... BBC News - Tynemouth lifeboat search after planet Jupiter mistaken for flare
  2. >>>> Best we came up with (based on reviews) were the Infinity as mentioned above or, for a "proper" scope, this: Sky-Watcher Sky-Watcher Capricorn 70x900 Astronomy telescope starter kit. <<<< Well i can certainly vouch for the Capricorn 70mm as it was my first scope. I actually done a review on here http://stargazerslounge.com/member-equipment-reviews/152095-skywatcher-capricorn-70mm-review.html The only thing is though i'm not sure it would be good for a 7 year old as it can be bit big and clumsy and will almost certainly need some parental supervison. So i would st
  3. The orion tabletop can be mounted onto a standard camera tripod so you got the best of both worlds really in that respect so you not just stuck to the tabletop. Heres a videolink below from youtube
  4. You wouldn't want to spend to much on a first scope for a 7 year old you never know how long they going to be interested in the hobby. A tabletop scope would probably be the best route, little maintance and easily stored. A Few alternatives below First Light Optics - Skywatcher Startravel 80 TableTop Telescope £108 Celestron Travel Scope 70 Telescope £59.99 Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Refractor - SCS Astro £115 I'm thinking of getting one of these as a grab and go/holiday scope so should be a good long term scope option. Also they got good reviews on online forums so best of luck....
  5. A little bit more info on the exoplanet in the habitable zone... HD 85512 b - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. BBC News - Fifty new exoplanets discovered Interesting to note that one is in the habitable zone... Could be a marker for alien life...
  7. Now, i just got me a pair of Revelation 15x70's binoculars got rid of my trusty old 10x50's. Looking forward to a clear night with the new binos....
  8. Well with regards to my previous post, my new revelation 15x70's was kindly delivered today to me. Packaging was well and safe and have opened the box and all seems well. They are considerbly bigger than my 10x50's in fact i'm a bit shocked as to how big they are but still fairly lightweight enough to have a little scan across the nearby fields and farm. Already far greater detail seen than in my 10x50's. Can't see me holding these for long but fortunately they seem doable on my basic camera tripod. So just waiting for clear skys tonight and i'm up and running. I put up some photos of them lat
  9. This could be a possibilty Omni XLT 127 Telescope (item #11084) / Omni XLT Series Telescopes / Telescopes / Products / Celestron.com sells for around £460 uk prices and when coupled with this STARTRAVEL-80T (Tube Assembly) - 80mm (3.1") f/400 REFRACTOR TELESCOPE by OVL sells for around £100 ota you got yourself a nice little set up. That's the set up i'm considering as i really like the look of the celestron 127 as you can add tracking or goto to it later. Maybe an az3 mount AZ3 ALT-AZIMUTH MOUNT - by OVL for the startravel 80 at around £90 and you got yourself the best of both worlds (pardon
  10. First of i would be this First Light Optics - Horizon 8115 2-Way Heavy Duty Tripod then any one of the revelation range. I just ordered a pair of 15x70's but i think they go all the way upto 25x100 Revelation 25x100 Giant Binoculars so if you got a fair bit to spend then any one of the revelations 15x70, 20x80, 25x100 etc would be the best it's really down to you then what you think you could handle as they would most probably be the cheapest of the "giant" binocular range. I understand they also essentially the same as the celestron skymaster binos but cheaper not sure about that though.
  11. BBC News - Meteor hunt for Irish stargazers Be interesting if they found it, Last one they found in Ireland sold for 50 times the price of gold. Space gold i would call it. An ounce of gold at the time of writing is worth £1126.82. Nice little earner for you that would be...
  12. Hi all, today i just ordered a pair of Revelation 15x70 Binoculars for £55 which is a pretty good deal including delivery. Can't wait for them to turn up on my doorstep. Anyways i'm just wondering what sort of views and targets i can expect to see with them? I've only used a couple of cheap 10x50's in the past that have served me well over the last two years. However, I felt that i wanted a little bit more power but that could also still be handheld for short periods. I have a basic camera tripod and an l-type bracket so hoping that should be enough in case i need to mount them. Is there a big
  13. Hi all in the next month i will be getting my first goto telescope First Light Optics - Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P SynScan AZ GOTO I'm just wondering what could power the scope and a laptop for about anything upto 4-8 hours a night away from the mains? The goto mount states it's 1amp and my laptop is 3.9amps i have found this 3in1 Portable Jumpstarter : InCar Battery Chargers and Compressors : Maplin and it's considerbly cheaper than celestron or skywatcher's 17ah powertanks. Would 17ah be enough for a night's observing? Also one final note would this USB to RS232 - USB Converter Cable: Amazon.
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