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  1. Its at the point where i can turn the screws for 3+ turns and nothing in the reticle changes. And I seem to have put the smaller 2 screws in holes that are too big for them so i can turn them and turn them but they wont come out because theyre not threaded with the hole itself. EDIT: I have now taken the front focuser off the polar scope and can see the 3 srews that move the reticle and i can see that when i turn the screws with the allen key, the screws do not actually turn...
  2. Hello, I recently received an HEQ5 mount and have been setting it up today. While I was trying to align (callibrate) the polar scope the 3 small screws you are meant to turn did not move the scope at all. I may have turned the screws more than 1/8th of a turn at some point and i think that they have been disconnected from the set screws? I have done a lot of research online and seen that this can happen and now I need to take the polar scope out to re-connect the screws. I tried to remove the polar scope (but there is nothing about this in the manual) and I could not figure out how to do so. I removed the date circles and the two black rings and their screws but cannot remove the polar scope itself and the 3 screws still do nothing. Furthermore as i was trying to put the screws back in order to do more research another day I put two of the screws in the wrong holes and now they are stuck. I am wondering if this is a common problem and if there are any instructions on how to fix this. I have found nothing online and now I won't be able to polar align the mount. Would i need to bring it somewhere to be looked at and fixed and if so is there anywhere that is trusted/recommended (I live in London). I dont really know what to do from this point and i can't find anything about it online. Any help would be appreciated.
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