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  1. On 13/04/2023 at 20:45, whipdry said:

    Found this indi driver for sitech controller... I use an NUC with ascom drivers & can't help any further.


    Hi Whipdry

    I'm a recent new owner of a mesu mk1 and loving my test doddle so far! 

    Untill now been using indi drivers on kstars and Ekos but rig up this mount with point xp and NINA. I thought there was no indi drivers available for sitech, do you know of anyone who confirms these indi drivers work? 


    Another question, can anyone send links to a good sitech controller 2 guide cable to usb I can use in the future for PhD 2? (or similar) 



    (now back to the R. O. R Build!) 

  2. On 26/04/2017 at 19:56, harry page said:


    So rebuilt the old newt and mounted here up , Having a few balance problems and a bit more slippage in dec than I like ( ra seems fine )

    all we need is clear skies :)



    Wow good luck with the little newt! How have you been getting on with the mount? 

    Curious to see what your long clamp screws look like and how your ROR works. Im thinking about adapting a standard pent roof shed to roll off (and hopefully roll back again) 



  3. 6 minutes ago, ebdons said:

    Hi wayne, yes it held by the clamps against the mirror surface, that's why you need something thick enough the hold itself firm as I only have 3 clamps on my mirror, do a test sample first and then go from there, but needs a very smooth cut inside, I used a very sharp craft knife held against metal cake tin or similar. when done leave the clamps until the ring is perfect and just lightly nip them up. if the clamps are black then the black ring would merge as one with the clamps ok.

    Ah I see.. I'll have to help my dad get that sorted.. He'll fall in love with it all again then! 😄

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  4. On 25/04/2020 at 13:47, ebdons said:

    Yes try the ring around the mirror clamps, just a very tiny increase in FR is the result but worth it, I used a pizza base (black) that you put in the oven so is heat proof and that works ok, don't use anything that has a glue or oil base to it as they will leak out. ok all the best Ton

    Hi Tony.. This interests me as my dad has a newt and his bad stars have put him off imaging all together at the minute... Would the pizza base method need cutting down to a ring to cover the clamps? Then how is it held in front in position? Many thanks


  5. Hi guys

    Can anyone identify which control box this is? Is it focusmaster? And does it run off robofocus driver in Indi lib as I cannot get a successful connection (in indi within ekos) 

    I bought a robofocus motor with this control box second hand. 

    I have faith with seller that hardware works as should. 

    I've tried other cables and USB ports too. The software (k stars) I use does do port search when connecting equipment.. 


    Any help appreciated 



  6. 17 hours ago, JamesF said:

    I suspect that when you get a figure of -1 for HFR it's indicative of some sort of error condition in the software.  It doesn't make sense to have an HFR figure that's negative.  What the error condition might actually be, I don't know.  Might be worth starting a new thread and posting an example frame so people can see what it looks like?


    Thank you James ill see if I can sort something out like that 👍

  7. 1 minute ago, StarDodger said:

    I use the ekos internal guider with an SX Lodestar camera and works well, and bugs that you notice should be reported to Jasem ( the developer) on the INdI forum website, you should join if you haven’t already...

    Altair cameras aren’t the best with INdI, as they suffer power issues and hence timeout issues, this is because they have unregulated power electronics in them, (they are Chinese rebrand cameras) and so the support for the hardware is hard to get from the manufacture, as it’s not Altair...

    You can only access the serial port assistant from the INdI web manager, the button in ekos is not set up to work, but there for future releases.


    Thanks for the reply, yes I've dealt with Jasem and tested some updates for him in the past, he has been outstanding at developing and supporting our community I think you'll agree! 😀

    I'm on the lookout for a mono lodestar as I thought it was a well reported cam to use in this setup with pi and Ekos etc.. So I'm glad to hear you get stable and reliable use with yours too! 

    They are quite pricey new though aren't they! 🤔

    Is there a more affordable alternative that you know of.. Even tho I'd prefer sx lodestar as it is supposed to be at parfocal focus off the bat, inside my sx OAG filterwheel... 

  8. 15 minutes ago, david_taurus83 said:

    I've reflashed the laptop with Kubuntu now instead of Ubuntu. I can connect to the SM via EKOS on the laptop now. Happy days! No not really! I've hit the same brick wall I had with windows. It seems the focuser and mount are fighting over the same ports even after running port manager. Jasem has posted a page on this so trying to get it fixed.

    Just read about your issues, I've had similar issues with the new version of kstars.. Where filter wheels spin while kstars initiates a mer flip and other weird stuff.. 

    Is this bugs in kstars that's being addressed right now does anyone know?.. 🤔

    Tried port assist in indi tab but its greyed out... Doesn't open for me... 

  9. On 30/06/2019 at 17:02, StarDodger said:

    Well FYI, the new rpi4 will not work with Kstars very easily until there is ubuntu support, it can be done but not for the faint hearted and Linux noobs like me...so still using the rpi3b+ for now.. :)

    Hi there, I'm a simple stellarmate original rasp pi owner.. (so not even rasp pi 3+ or whatever its called) 

    I run kstars on the pi.. With indi to connect and control my equipment. 

    Really love it as only use a tablet screen for imaging all night.. 

    One thing tho.. How do you get on with guiding? And what guide cam do you use? 

    I stupidly use a color altair mx224c and at full resolution and even at half resolution I get exposure timeout messages... 

    Is this because the ram and cpu performance struggles or the cameras tech difficulties? 

    I'm keen to know guide cameras other "on site" not home obsies pi users use!?! 

    So anyone out there hit me! 😅👍


    YouTube me: waynescave

  10. Thanks DP. 

    I'll go with 1.25 one then... 

    Was informed my f7 system and asi 1600 Pro cooled would function without vignetting etc, I'm just hoping this is the case with the starlight express filter wheel and baader filters I want to order to go with it? 🤔

    Leads me to another question, does standard baader lrgb filters have an ir cut layer over them all? I understand most lum are uv ir cut lenses..? 

    Cheers in advance!! 

  11. Hi peoples, 

    New to mono imaging, 

    Camera ordered! 👍

    Want to order the starlight express mini filter wheel with built in OAG combo unit. It is for 1.25 screw in filters but does it also accept 31mm unmounted (Lrgb) filters? As I think there are other brands of mini filters that do this. But of coarse none with built in OAGs on them.. That's why I want to order the one from Starlight express.... 

    Cheers in advance

  12. On 18/05/2019 at 16:50, Adam J said:

    The 183 is probably a bit of a small sensor for the focal length of that scope. If you went with it I would recommend a reducer but even then you will have a small field of view, to small for much more than galaxy imaging.

    I think the ASI1600mm pro or similar / larger sensor is a better idea. I would still go mono in irrespective of sky brightness. On the whole if I was willing to pay for a 120mm triplet I would be sticking a KAF-16200 based camera on it as opposed to a tiny CMOS sensor.




    Just seen a used add for sbig st8300m for £850🤔 

    Good price for that ccd sensor.. (or do I stick with ZWO asi 1600mono) 

    Difficult choices.... 😅

  13. 7 hours ago, Adam J said:

    To be honest I am not exactly sure what the best reducer for a Esprit 120 is. I suspect that one of the adjustable WO reducers would work fine.

    I would always go with a mono sensor and good quality filters.


    Would this WO reducer work with 120mm refractor? As on Rother Valley site it lists up to 103mm...

    I presume with my relatively flat results and taking flat calibration frames, I may get away with out using a Flattener do you think?... Or do you need one with mono sensors of this size (asi1600) 

  14. I give up... Think I'll be going with ZWO.. All my solutions keep pointing to them! 

    Have been looking interestingly at zwo bigger sensored OSC now tho! 🙉 The 071 mc Pro.. 

    In my class 4 bortle skies would I capture nearly as good detailed data as say the 1600 mono 

    Wondered what other people's thoughts on this would be guys n gals?? 


  15. 1 minute ago, Adam J said:

    If imaging at F7 you will be fine, at F5.5 after adding a 0.8x reducer you will not be ok. I would go with 36mm filters for your setup with that camera. Or just get the ZWO....

    Ahh thank you.. Thought it would be close.. 

    Adam you may be the man to ask, talking on reducers.. Which would be adaptable to my esprit? There's no dedicated one by SW. 

    Saw one suggested one tsoptics I think at. 0.75x apo reducer... Its £369!!🤑

  16. 1 hour ago, Anthonyexmouth said:

    If you're worried about back focus take a look at the zwo version. It allows a little extra space which might be useful for some setups. 

    Thanks. I'll only be adding a filter wheel at the moment and maybe a reducer/Flattener in future. Just wanted to be sure I'd be okay with 31mm filters in efw mini without vignetting.. On my 840 esprit120ed at f7, should be OK? Right? 🤔

  17. On 05/04/2019 at 17:35, jjosefsen said:

    I just received mine today, so will let you know once it's seen first light. ?

    Hi there, just wondering how you've been getting on with the Altair 1600 mono cooled cam? 

    Thinking of getting this camera too but concerned about back focus... 

    Also, what do you measure to and from if one doesn't use a Flattener or reducer?...or do you have to have one in the train? I've been fine with my t3i dslr camera up to now... 📸😅


  18. Yeah, I hear you. 

    Have been leaning towards asi 1600mono the more I've delved into the practicality. 

    Wow, I see as you mean. That Atik camera is a beauty isn't it! I couldn't stretch to the 3 grand mark right now tho! 

    Is this camera the budget side of nice ccd cooled cameras? I think? 🤔

    Ah I see, there are other cameras with the awesome KAF 16200 Sensor in them... Mmmm

  19. This is interesting reading as I was looking at these altair183mm or 183 osc also. 

    I am in bortle 4 skies which I am greatful for! 

    So if you guys was me would you still go mono and on the 183 sensor? 

    I have an esprit120ed apowith no reducer

    And to give you an idea I took 57 x 1 minute exposures with my Canon t3i in the nice cool temperatures of - 5 winter nights ❄️👍👍❤️


    I would like to also be able to crop n zoom in on detail of smaller targets like galaxies too if it's probable... 



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