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  1. Hi Pete, ... as always, superb image..... The seeing your location seems to be consistently better than in Yeovil. I'm beginning to warm to the idea of Barbados.... Bud
  2. How nice to see such a superb, tight image - I've almost given up hoping for some half decent weather before Jupiter recedes once more. So far, my 2014 Obs Log Book has only one entry in it....
  3. Hi James, I salute your dedication and tenacity. Its one thing to take the pictures but quite another to process them to such a high standard. It's also true that us West Country boys & girls are a hardy bunch who are prepared to spend many a long night in the freezing cold-laughing in the face of such adversity. I say this without fear of contradiction .... from the comfort of my warm studio while controlling all aspects of my 'scope remotely. Keep up the good work, James! Cheers Bud
  4. Don't you get the impression that the area to the right of the crater looks like that rippled effect of rain on concrete before it has set? I can well imagine a passing meteor shower hammering the lava to an apple crumble consistency. Not very scientific, I know.......
  5. Like a few other correspondents here, I was waiting to do a Jupiter imaging run on Saturday night/Sunday morning but took the opportunity to have a look at the Moon while waiting for the planet to clear the roof tops. The seeing looked pretty steady so I upped the 'scope (C11) to f25 and took a set of videos. At this magnification one can expect a drop-off in clarity so I wasn't surprised to find most of the captures unusable. One imaging run, however, looked reasonably clear so I persevered with it to see what could be coaxed out of the original material. The image is uncropped so what we're
  6. I've only just got round to processing this one which I made a conscious effort to limit the over-exposure problem of sunlit crater rims. The method needs more experimentation but I feel it produces a much more natural result than the usual 'Soot and Whitewash' effect. The real challenge would be to extract some of the deep shadow detail ... which is probably beyond me and my equipment. Taken on my usual gear - C11 and the IDS e2v camera. Bud
  7. Hi Bryan, I think Piotr (Riklaunim) has summed it up pretty well regarding the Infra Red sensitivity. The IDS camera is a fussy old thing and if the seeing is less than good it can be brutally dismissive of me and my 'scope. I've imaged Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with it and many a session has been abandoned with the all too familiar line " I don't know why I bother........". But we do, don't we. Bud
  8. Thank you everyone. It seems to be so rare to get a really clear night these days (no pun intended!). One thing I have noticed in these pictures is that the IDS camera seems to 'see' a lot of ghost craters underneath the lava plains. I must check this out with my other Lunar archive stuff to see if this is consistently the case. Bud
  9. Apologies..... I should have included the technical details...... The scope is a modified C11 at native focal length ( f10) with a Starlight Express Filterwheel and the IDS e2v 1280x 1024 NIR mono sensor. This remarkable camera (and one night of very good seeing) has enabled me to to produce an HD video of a Lunar 'tour' lasting about 4.5 minutes. Needless to say, the file size of said file is in the order of 23 Gbytes so not something easily disseminated. I still await, however, that one magic night when all becomes clear..... I could be waiting a long time. In the meanwhile, my scope and
  10. Finally I've got round to posting some lunar images taken with the Near Infrared IDS u-eye camera. The original file sizes are rather large (124 Mb) so these JPGs are somewhat compressed. It'll be interesting to get your feedback to see what they look like on a variety of social media display tablets. Bud
  11. Hi Pete, excellent results... as we've come to expect from you. If it wasn't for this wildly erratic weather over the UK, we'd all get a few consecutive clear nights to practice the dark arts! As it was, I spent the early part of yesterday evening securing my roll-off scope housing to prevent the screaming gale from taking it to oblivion. It was still there this morning so at least it survived this latest onslaught. Bud
  12. Hi Freddie, I'm very intrigued with the exceptional quality of your blue Jupiter. Could you show us what the Red and Green images are like in comparison. Usually, it's the Blue channel which is the worst but somehow you've managed to get it spot-on. Have you any thoughts on this matter? Kindest regards Bud
  13. Hi Pete, just looked in on SGL tonight after a few months away and pleased to see you're getting some pretty good results. Nice one! Kindest regards. Bud
  14. Hi Stuart, I've just seen the images from those guys in Tahiti - jaw-droppingly good. Having said that, I can only praise the UK-based imagers on their skill to produce more than acceptable results given our atrocious weather. Bud
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