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  1. Hi @fozzybear

    I've just rotated it counterclockwise like any other thread.

    If it is rock solid in your case maybe you will need to use some tricks.

    Apply some heat near the thread with a lighter and then, with a thick cloth in your hand try to unscrew it. You could also use WD-40 but that could spill over the lens and maybe damage the coating.

    No other ideas for that.

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  2. 27 minutes ago, ebdons said:

    Hi depending on the optics of the scope I use cls (non ccd) with ir cut only on frac optics achro apo sct etc, when use on my newt then no need for the ir cut I found and yes you're correct about star bloat but I use the IDAS NB1 and NGS1 on my apo and achro and they both limit star bloat albeit the NB1 is better, I don't know if this is what you're asking? ton

    Yes, That's exactly what I was asking. Thanks. I've an SW ED72 APO so I should need IR correction on a non filtered camera.

    Newts and non refracting telescopes do not need IR filters AFAIK.

    I was more concerned about reflections, focus problems or even less light coming to the sensor because of two filters being stacked.

  3. Ok. To finish this thread and to solve the problem I had, the real problem in my case was the ED72 not being well aligned.

    The focuser body was misaligned with the rest of the telescope because of a failure in the body attachment building. I just got a colimation eyepiece like the one of the photos and I was able to align the body and retight the screws so now it is well aligned.




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  4. Hi there.

    I recently adquired a ASI294MC-Pro camera and I read OSC cameras works better using IR/UV filters to avoid star bloating.

    I adquired two filters from Aliexpress, both of brand Svbony. One is the UV/IR and the other one is the CLS filter as I live in a very poluted area.

    The thing is the CLS is not a CLS-CCD filter, so it does not block IR, so I wanted to know if it is "wise" to pile up both filters so I can block IR/UV and city lights.

    Had anyone tried this before?

    I attach some photos of the CLS filter and a test I did with my DIY spectrographer




  5. 21 hours ago, Deeko said:

    Just we I am on the same page here - when you unscrew the bevel on the OVL as in your bottom photo, it reveals an M56 female thread? Second question - how did you unscrew the bevel, mine is rock solid!

    Yes. M56 female that fits directly into the rotator.

    About being rock solid, I just unscrewed it. Had not any problem doing it in my case. I think you will need to try tips and tricks for blocked nuts and screws.

  6. On 26/07/2019 at 13:50, NAugustin said:

    Nope, it´s not fitting. Also, I got the Info from OVL that the Rotator is threaded M56(M) for the SW Reducer/Flattener while the OVL Flattener is M48 thread.

    Therefore, I bought an adapter M56(F) to M48(M) together with my Rotator BUT its not fitting the Rotator. Somehow this is again some weird angle of the thread that after a few turns the adapter can not be screwed fully onto the Rotator. Don´t know if I can use it like that (see picture) but at least I have to test if I still get into focus... I like the OVL flattener and did not plan to get the 0.8 reducer/flattener from SW...

    I received my rotator almost a month ago and it fitted perfectly with the OVL flattener. You need to unscrew the beveled part of the flattener. That's it.

    Here it is a photo of the fitting. Hope this helps




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  7. Hi there.


    I am using an OVL field flattener with the Skywatcher 72ED and I am getting some weird distortions.

    In the image https://starlighthunter.com/imagenes/galaxia-de-andromeda-m31/  the distortion is very evident at the bottom side.

    In the images https://starlighthunter.com/imagenes/nebulosas-trifida-y-de-la-laguna/ and https://starlighthunter.com/imagenes/cumulo-globular-m4/ it is at the bottom-right  side and barely noticeable.

    Today, watching some images at astrobin I found this one:


    Same configuration, same problem (this time left side). Any clues about this?

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