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  1. 22 hours ago, Louis D said:

    Will you also observe from the rooftop or carry it down from there to another place?  If observing from the rooftop, you do realize that seeing through rising thermals coming off a hot roof cooling during the night is an awful combination of conditions.  Ideally, you want to place your scope as far from rooftops, asphalt and concrete as possible for these reasons.  Perhaps Oxford, England doesn't get as hot as Texas so y'all don't worry so much about this issue, though.

    How much of that will go toward a possible rooftop observatory?  If no observatory up there, why store the scope up there?  Most folks store their scopes in a garage, shed, or anteroom.

    Understood, they're not for everyone.  If you want to look for galaxies, I was just trying to get you the most aperture for the money, and Dobs are the way to go for this.  You need aperture, and lots of it, to pull in galaxies.

    how about SC ?? celestron EDGE HD ?? 11''

  2. 3 hours ago, Stu said:

    @HenryFitz people are trying to help you, but it would be very helpful if you would give some more information. Short one line answers are not really enough if you expect useful information in return.

    Useful info includes but is not limited to:

    What is your budget?

    Have you used a scope before?

    Will your scope be setup and taken down each time?

    Do you need to carry it any distance to set it up?

    Where will you store it?

    What are you skies like in terms of light pollution?

    Where will you observe, near houses or in rural setting?

    Can you find you way around the sky without assistance?

    What sort of targets do you wish to see? Planets and deep sky astronomy have different requirements.

    Do you have any interest in Astrophotography or will you stick to visual observing?

    Please give some more info then you will get more useful answers.



    My budget will be around 6000GBP .. 

    I will store it on the rooftop 

    I decided to study  Astrophysics 

    I found Celestron EDGE series very efficient.. 

  3. On 24/04/2019 at 08:00, Cosmic Geoff said:

    There is no obvious reason for your preference, given that you apparently just want to look at galaxies. The regular non-Edge SCT will suffice.  You also don't need an equatorial mount, though admittedly in this size class the choice of alternative mounts is limited. (Meade do a LX200 with fork mount). Also be aware that the setup will be so heavy* that there will be a disincentive to set it up for a brief session and you should maybe be including an observatory in your budget. I have seen a 16" SCT and that one sits in a 'full works' brick built observatory.

    If you live in a town, buying a telescope just to look at galaxies is likely to prove a very poor investment. Where I live it's rather a waste of time and I can detect as many doing EAA with a small cheap refractor.  OTOH if you have access to a dark skies site, even with a 8" SCT it would take you many nights to look briefly at each of the possible galaxy targets in turn.

    EDIT: I looked it up and I would be physically incapable of assembling this combo without assistance.


  4. On 24/04/2019 at 15:29, Louis D said:

    Since no one has asked, what is your budget?  What is the maximum you're comfortable lifting/carrying even a short distance?  I ask because I have 15" Dob with Sky Commander digital setting circles, but the mirror box weighs 65 pounds with it's full thickness 2" mirror, and after a back injury, lifting it is a non-starter.

    I would probably point you toward a light weight Dob with DSCs since they are much less complicated than a full blown goto system.  Something like the Sumerian Optics telescopes.  You could leave it partially assembled when using it at home for brighter objects, and completely disassemble it for transport to dark sky sites where you could actually see galaxies.

    I don't like DOB, 

  5. On 24/04/2019 at 06:51, Ags said:

    If you are thinking of extended objects like galaxies and nebulae, the larger scope cannot make them brighter, it can only make them bigger for a given surface brightness. On the other hand, the big scope shows a narrower and narrower field of view, making object location harder and spoiling the view of larger objects.

    larger scopes then solely perfect on planetary viewings ?

  6. On 22/04/2019 at 20:28, pregulla said:

    If you want to get a good advice you really need to give us something to base our advice on.

    Why do you need at least 11"? Both 11" SCT and 12" dobsonian are going to be big and heavy. Both have pros and cons. I think you should really have a look at one in person before you make a decision.

    Do you already own a telescope? Where are you going to be observing from? Can you keep the scope assembled and just roll it out? Do you plan taking it to remote dark sites? What's you budget?

    mmm, as I know the bigger the aperture, image will be less faint. It doesn't matter how much heavier it will; will not carry them in my back-pocket: EDEG HD 14" and GCE pro is my first choice . I can manage 6000 GBP by now, but I can wait

  7. 9 hours ago, Gabby76 said:

    If this would be your first GEM it may not be a good choice depending on your needs  

    Read some reviews about them, they do have some issues that may or may not bother you  

    Another thing to think about is that the mount is quite tall  

    With the tripod at its lowest position, the saddle plate is around 5.5 feet.


    5'5" , then I will be using my one feet high little chair to stand upon

  8. 6 hours ago, Cosmic Geoff said:

    We are willing to help, but need more information. Are you a beginner, in which case starting with an 11" scope is probably a bad idea? What is the problem with computerized stuff? Budget? Location (city or country?)

    If you want a large SCT you will have to shop around to get a setup that isn't computerized.

    The other likely option is a large Dobsonian.

    Personally I would be reluctant to accept a non-computerized scope of 11" or greater aperture even as a gift.

    a beginner.

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