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  1. Ok, missed that one so Heading across there. Now to work out how to delete my post if possible.
  2. Hi Graham, That is correct, but only slightly and won't cause any problems. I did mention this in my first draft but removed it as I thought it my cause some confusion, may I should have left it in seem as you picked it up.. Cheers Robin
  3. Hi All, If you can't afford SGPro as your automated acquisition software there is a new contender on the block known as NINA. It has a simplistic setup and a very extensive manual which wasn't needed to get it going. The best part, it is free and has nightly builds if you are into beta's. It has some very nice features simple mosaicing and target selection with goto / plate solving. It is a fully automated program. I can't claim that it is an absolute direct competitor to SGPro, but it looks promising and isn't far behind definitely worth looking at. https://nighttime-imaging.eu/ Robin
  4. Thanks everybody for your warm welcome. John, I live on the south side of Brisbane Runcorn. North is an issue as the house is in the way so Andromeda is out of the question and the city is in that direction as well. I do get a good run of the milky way which is great, South and East is my darkest side even though Logan is in that direction it is not an issue right now, but light pollution is increasing as more an more units get built in the area. The Gold Coast Hinterland sounds great. Humidity is a problem, So after a night of imaging I allow the mount to dry out and then place the Aldi bag and an a cloths donation plastic bag, very certificated indeed to prevent condensation allowing the air to flow underneath the plastic, a couple of rubber bands to hold it in place. However, the rubber bands degrade in the sun and find the bags some where in the backyard. Yep! that weight is rusty I must take it off and repaint it one day. Actually that weight was given to me from by a friend and it was rusty then. Although it looks a bit more rusty then it used to be. Ha ha ha, thanks Gordon, I hate emoji's, so why did I just use another one?. cheers mate..... I added a post on how I collimate my RC8 check it out if you have one. Robin
  5. Hi all, I'm from New Zealand and live in Brisbane Australia.. I have an RC8 as well as a Sky-watcher 120 esprit triplet. Both are setup ready to go for long and short focal length imaging. No luxury of a Dome or Shed though, but can remote wireless into the house. My mount stays outside so I don't have to Polar align every time I use it. A couple of large plastic bags, keeps it under raps from the weather. I only have two cables running to the HEQ5 mount, 6 years old and still performing well, one for power and one for data connected into my laptop which is under the Pergola. I did buy a Sky-Watcher AZEQ6 for when I go out reach, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. It's one year old already... Cheers Robin
  6. Hi All, I have put together an instruction set on how I collimate my RC8, if anyone is interested. It also covers some adapters that are required and where to get them. Download the PDF if you wish. the file is about 51Mb. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mqvsis47b7q6g4d/RC8 Collamating Frustration revision 1.0.pdf?dl=0 Robin
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