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    Am a Highschooler and am a very active astrophotographer.
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  1. iso 800 photoshop express free version exposure -1.8 used a tripod telescope mead 90mak with phone stand eyepiece 9.7mm
  2. dude check out my pics on my profile page
  3. great Job here's a tip use a tripod to keep it stable and use different filters on your phone to bring out different aspects in the moon... like this----------->
  4. is there any other theory other than general relativity?
  5. a black hole has infinite planes to rotate and it could theoretically be spinning in two axis counteracting each other. maybe?
  6. Does the milky way's supermassive black hole effect time towards us and what theories can prove this? Is there a theory or equation that shows that our time is being affected by the black hole?
  7. I am in High Schooler. I am wondering what colleges in the US have courses in Astrophysics. What classes should I focus on?
  8. It is probably your camera sensor going bad or it was damaged.
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