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  1. Hi Lee, Is it a standard dovetail bar? Regards, Mark
  2. Hi, Looking for a 12" DOB (or larger) which can be transported to Prestwick, Ayrshire. Any brand, as long as the telescope is optically sound and in good working order. I'm a reliable buyer who has bought and sold on this site before. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi there, Can I please ask if the C8 is in good working condition, optically and otherwise and is it fitted with a standard dovetail bar (looking to fit it to a SW AZ4 mount)? Thanks in advance, Mark
  4. Hi, Do you know what the payload capacity is for this (in kg) please and also its own weight if possible? Thanks, Mark
  5. This adaptor was used with a Skywatcher Synscan and is compatible with other models and brands which require a Tip Positive 1 Amp supply. AD NOW WITHDRAWN
  6. Thanks Tony, I appreciate the feedback. I think the dovetail is a weak design generally speaking but it works ok most of the time with smaller scopes. The aluminium AZ4 tripod looks and feels very strong but I guess the steel is going to be ultra wind resistant etc. It's always the weight against performance issue for all astronomical instruments! Clear skies mate, Mark
  7. A generic box and a LOT of bubble wrap and insured postage and I'd be interested. I'd make you an offer depending on the condition of the scope. Regards, Mark
  8. Thanks Tony, I currently use it with the 127 MAK and the lack of the 2nd security holding screw doesn't matter as the scope is only 3.5 kg. Do you think the 180 might slip a bit without the 2nd screw? I'd also like to mention that it's the aluminium AZ4 I have and not steel. Cheers, Mark
  9. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I wonder if it would hold well on an AZ4. It's a really nice strong tripod but I only have the central (main) holding screw for the Vixen plate because the threads for the security screw are worn. Appreciate it, Mark
  10. Can I please ask how essential a motor focus is on a telescope like this? Thanks (if you can spare the time), Mark
  11. I realise this is likely to sell quickly but can I please ask about its optical performance? I have only ever used relatively cheap telescopes and wonder about the jump up in quality/price. Thanks (if you can spare the time), Mark
  12. Thanks Brian, I don't think my current tripod could take the weight but looks nice. Good luck with the sale! Regards, Mark
  13. Hi Brian, Nice scope...how much does it weigh approximately please and how do the images compare with MAKs or high end scopes in your opinion? Thanks, Mark
  14. Hey, I'm too far to consider collecting but how easy is it to move around the garden and set up please? I'm unsure if I should stick with a 12". (If you can spare the time to answer) Kind regards, Mark
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