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  1. Hi, Can anyone help to point me in the right direction on how to go about setting up a 12V battery for use with the Synscan? I was thinking on using a 12V sealed lead battery and would also like a separate mains power lead with a plug. Any other "simple" suggestions are welcome, as long as they are safe, reliable (tried and tested with the Synscan) and effective to use with the Synscan. An explanation and/or photographs would be very helpful. Regards and thanks, Mark
  2. Hi, If anyone has a spare compatible mains power lead for the Synscan GOTO and is able to post it, please get in touch. I mainly use Paypal. Thanks and regards, Mark
  3. Hi, If anyone is able to post a dew shield for a Skywatcher 127 MAK please let me know. Cheers, Mark
  4. Thanks to you both, especially Sub Dwarf for that insight! Advice from people who have owned them is always valuable. Hope you all have a good evening.
  5. How are the views and field of view through the 10mm please David? I have a tough choice between fixed eps or getting the zoom. Thanks.
  6. Do you use Paypal, I'm just enquiring? Regards, Mark
  7. Thanks to both of you for the replies. I've been looking into the SW 127 MAK which is a 1500mm and wasn't sure if 2000mm was a step too far for general purpose astronomy and tracking. Does it have its own finder scope btw? Mark
  8. Thanks. Is it a basic vixen dovetail and would the scope be usable on an AZ mount or is the 2000mm fl to large to track properly manually (thinking about planets mainly)? I'm looking for the balance of portability/function and usefulness and would rather avoid a heavy EQ mount for a travel scope if possible. I'm assuming the optics are nice and clear and that the scope functions as it should, thanks in advance. Mark
  9. Good morning Stu, How old is the scope please, and is it only the primary mirror which requires occasional collimation? I would be interested to see the photos when you put them on. Mark
  10. Pmed you about a couple of eypieces, let me know if you recieved it. Thanks, Mark
  11. Hi, Didn't get your message till now. If you still have the diagonal and are willing to let me pay for postage, that would be great. Drop me a line but if no longer available don't worry about it. Regards, Mark
  12. Hi, Is the 1.25" diagonal in reasonable optical condition please? If it is I'd be interested, would pay postage through paypal. Regards, Mark
  13. Hi, How clear are the optics on the 4.7mm please? Could I also ask if you have had any nice planetary views with this eyepiece? Regards, Mark
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