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  1. Slowly, but surely...which I suppose should be my mantra in life at this point. haha.
  2. Thanks Jim! I agree...part of the challenge is to get a wide view of how astro information is consumed, yet doing that without asking a ton of biased questions. I pulled this specific stat out because it was the least dispersed among the answers of the seven questions. Every other question had answers fairly evenly spread out, but this one area was very specific. The whole project has been interesting so far. Hoping it leads to me building something cool.
  3. In case anyone was curious, it would appear that the bulk of the people consuming astronomy-related information do so from their mobile phones. I was expecting more laptop/desktop responses.
  4. Thanks Chris! Also, your profile photo has me curious if you painted that pic. My compliments, if so.
  5. Thanks Carole. I am going to avoid DMing people, as I think that might anger the forum gods. But I appreciate your willingness, so thank you!
  6. Thanks...maybe a paid post for Twitter is a good option. Though, this is for a course so I am not wanting to invest a ton. Survey Monkey allows for a paid option, too, which ends up costing about $1 a submission. Might be worth it, but I was hoping to go the 'elbow grease' route first.
  7. Thanks RolandKol! I am not on Facebook, so I will see if I can get a friend to post in on the groups. Also, thanks for the offer. I am going to avoid sending anyone on here the survey as I don't want to intrude/impose and would rather follow the discussions.
  8. I'm not spamming (this is my first thread, the post I am typing is only the 3rd post), I am not selling anything or advertising anything, I am not farming/baiting/trolling. I haven't actually posted the survey, I am just asking for feedback on how to go about this properly. This seemed like a good place for that, no? I assume a fair number of visitors to this site have done research with humans, and often times there is a screening process before participants are contacted. I am curious as to how that process works. Having worked at a university, I have seen researchers use emailing to get results, so maybe that is the best approach. No, I do not intend on farming email addresses from this site. This also gets to the heart of my initial question...how do I better recruit?
  9. I am doing a research project for a class in user experience (disclaimer, I am 40...just trying to learn something new). The project I selected relates to space, or specifically exoplanets. As part of the project, we have to create a short survey (5-10 questions) to get potential users to fill out. In a week plus, I have gotten only 10 submissions. UGH. Initially, I tried to post a link to the survey in a forum (not this one) and got booted right away for just posting the link. Then, I thought Twitter would be a great way. I was mistaken, or rather the approach I took (requesting people to fill it out) did not work. As some of you are likely researchers, I am hoping I can get feedback or suggestions on how to get people to fill out the survey. Maybe it is a different type of research you all do, but feel free to chime in if you have an idea. I'm stuck, and would hate to drop the course because I am terrible at "cold calling" people. Note...I am not posting the link here as I don't want to get booted from this site, too!
  10. I don't think the three hours were wasted...it's a great photo!
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