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  1. I'll have the right angled erecting finder please. PM on the way
  2. I've used mine on an AZ5 with no problems at all and although I haven't tried it under the stars yet, it seems to be handled fine by my new AZ-GTI so a small alt az mount works well with it. I think the tube is only around 3.5kg.
  3. Excellent, thanks guys you've been a real help. I haven't had them out at all yet so first opportunity I get I'll see if they seem to perform the function you describe. ?
  4. From the picture I posted: Left Middle Right the right hand one really doesn’t have much colour to it at all. The coatings when I hold it at an angle to the light are purple and if I let light shine through it onto a white surface it has a tinge of blue thanks, Mark
  5. Thanks Louis. I'll check out the other two filters when I'm back from work tomorrow and let you know Cheers, Mark
  6. And I know it may be a stupid question but I’m hoping the colour or shade of filter may at least give clues ?
  7. I’m an older observer who is returning to the hobby after maybe 15 years off when the kids made me too tired to haul a scope outside once they’d gone to bed. I was looking through all my old stuff before and found some filters and I can’t for the life of me remember what they are and unfortunately there’s no markings. There’s 3 filters and a set of coloured filters which are Vixen. I think these are almost certainly Vixen too because I was always in Orion Optics at the time and getting things off Barry and John. My question is can they be identified just by the look or is it still too ambiguous? If anyone can help or offer advice I’d be grateful. Thanks, Mark
  8. Hi Ian I wouldn't be using the AZ5 for the 180, this would be used with the OMC140 I already have which is only around 3.5kg. If I do decide to get the 180 I would be using it on my EQ5 or get a bigger AltAz mount for it if I want a quick setup
  9. That's great thanks Tony, I'll have a look
  10. Hi I am interested in this but am in Manchester and so will need it to be posted. Could you let me know how much it would be? Thanks
  11. Hi all I'm an 46 year old observer from a couple of decades ago who had kids 17 years ago and quickly found afterwards that I needed sleep when the sun went down rather than lugging a telescope out into the cold night. So the hobby fell by the wayside in favour of Bear in the Big Blue House and The Wiggles. Other hobbies have come and gone, and now the kids are getting to the age I can kick them out I'm eager to get my old telescopes out again. I long ago sold my C9.25 but still have an Orion Optics OMC140 Deluxe, a couple of 120mm F/8.3 Skywatcher refractors (one bought maybe 5 years ago on a whim from a friend who wasn't interested anymore and only wanted £100 with an EQ5 mount), a Celestron ST80 refractor and a Zeiss Telementor up in the loft! Along with these I have a Vixen GPDX mount on a heavy duty field tripod with Skysensor 2000 (if it still works), the EQ5 mount I got with the second 120mm, plus an old AZ3-2 (I think) mount which is covered in cobwebs now and crunches when you use the slow motion controls and so in desperate need for some TLC. So I've been looking around at what the latest greatest things are and being a big Mak fan am drawn to the Skywatcher 180 Pro, but I really don't want to just buy a new scope just yet, I'd prefer to use what I've got an see if I can rekindle my passion for it. That said, one thing that did used to stop me observing sometimes was when I was feeling a bit lazy and I just couldn't be bother hauling the GPDX outside, going through the Skysensor setup and alignment etc, and so I really do want to get a new AltAz mount that is man enough to handle the OMC140 and allow me to quickly grab it and get observing with minimal fuss. The SkyTee 2 mount interests me and there's a good chance I would get that in the future, especially if I do decide that the Skywatcher 180 is just too appealing to ignore. But at the moment I'd prefer something that was sufficient rather than overkill, because I know I'd use it more then. So looking at the reviews the AZ5 looks like it will be perfect for this and it seems it will handle the OMC no problem. But I already have the GPDX field tripod, the EQ5 tubular steel tripod and the Celestron aluminium tripod from the AZ3, and so I'm hoping to be able to use one of these and just buy the mount head only. I've seen some posts on here where members have used the AZ5 with other astronomical tripods, but just wondered what was involved in this and if there would be anything else I would need to buy? Can anyone offer any suggestions on using the AZ5 with this kind of tripod? Thanks in advance Mark
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