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  1. Hi All, This is where it all started for me and my interest in astronomy and space. This is part 1 of 5 on the conceptual history of the problem of gravity. It is an inspiration that has driven me to love astronomy and physics in general. I have never appreciated fully how the story of this problem has been told, I find numerous gaps in various attempted explanations that always left me wondering, well I've tied the wondering questions into a tightly weaved story on the history of the problem of gravity and am attempting to share what I know with all. Part 2 to come soon! Clear skies, and until next time, see you then! What is Gravity? The Conceptual and Short History: Part 1 - Newton's Contribution https://youtu.be/L7FxU0I7vA8
  2. Hi All, I've recently made a short (20 second) video that introduces my YouTube channel. I'm trying to reach a goal of 100 subscribers. Please check out my intro video and subscribe if you'd like! Thanks for watching! Intro Video: https://youtu.be/oYYrmHNmMz0 My latest video on my wide-field imaging setup: https://youtu.be/SCLmhpKnZho Hope you subscribe and thanks for watching, this is an incredible hobby and I love to share my journey! Clear Skies, AstroEd
  3. Hi All, I've recently released a new video on my journey creating a wide-field imaging setup. In this video, I demonstrate how I used my 3D printer to help me out with this task and ultimately use my designs to take a Milkyway shot in my bortle 6 skies. Please check out my video and subscribe to my youtube channel for future content! I enjoyed making this video and hope you all enjoy it as well! https://youtu.be/SCLmhpKnZho Clear skies and see ya back around soon! Thanks. Thomas
  4. Thanks again to all who have watched! Much appreciated!
  5. Hi All, I have had some great clear nights this spring that caused me to lose sleep but I managed to capture M101, NGC 2903, M81 and M82. Check my video out below, and if you haven’t yet please subscribe to my YouTube channel! Clear skies! Thomas
  6. Thanks once again for all your comments and feedback. Go shoot an asteroid sometime!
  7. Thanks for watching! If you have any feedback good or bad I would be happy to hear it. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks all for viewing! Have anyone else tried asteroids observing?
  9. Hi All, I have made a video on imaging asteroids and my technique of doing it. It should be a fun entertaining watch. Thanks. Thomas
  10. ThomasC

    Hi I’m new here

    Thanks Sunshine! And thanks for watching! I’m In progress with my next video, work pernitting!
  11. ThomasC

    Hi I’m new here

    Cool, I wasn’t aware of that! And thanks for all the warm welcomes, much appreciated!
  12. ThomasC

    Hi I’m new here

    Is it really not going to happen for another 19 years?
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