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  1. i am looking for a coma corrector for astrophotography, i have a skywatcher 254/1200 pds, a nikon d5100, and a skywatcher off axis guider, what would you recommend?
  2. i received it together with the telescope last friday, unfortunately the guy at the store i bought it forgot to ship the tripod with it, so i could basically do nothing all weekend ... we even had clear skys anyway, it's shipped now, i just hope there is good weather next weekend as well edit: i went with the CEM60 if that wasn't clear
  3. when you search for the telescope on astrobin you also find a lot of pictures with an eq6: https://www.astrobin.com/search/?q=skywatcher+254%2F1200&d=i&t=all yeah, wind is also something i have in mind, but as far as i remember luckily we don't have much on clear nights with the 1200mm and my dslr i am at 0.823"/pixel, seeing in winter is around 0.9" to 1", in summer it's better, so i figured that 10" is the biggest that still makes sense (also with 12" you would need a bigger mount that would exceed my budget quite a bit)
  4. thank you all very much, i am going for the cem60
  5. I am going to upgrade to the skywatcher 250/1200 pds telescope and i can't decide which mount i should get. The main (only) purpose is astrophtography and i am considering either the eq6-r- pro or the cem60 The cem60 can carry more weight but is also more expensive, my inner debate now is about if it is worth it What's you take on it?
  6. of course i get that, the thing is every person is different and when i read someone complaining that he doesn't get pinpoint stars because of the wind i don't know if he expects his setup to work with 30 m/s or if it was at 0.3 m/s, your numbers give me a feeling of what to expect, and that was very helpful
  7. the thing is, i don't know how much wind is too much, and i can't really remember how much wind there was in the clear nights i was out, because it was never an issue i also don't know how much observatory tents do help or if i could build something myself, the transportation isn't really a problem after all i just read through your report, looks really good, at least i know weight isn't an issue
  8. yeah, the wind thing is the only thing that concerns me about that combination. short question, do you loose many subs due to star trails? because with my star adventurer i can only use like 40 to 60% of my subs, i just want to know what i can expect really nice picture btw.
  9. do you have some kind of observatory? because i keep reading that this setup is sensitive to wind and i don't really have possibility to comletly shield it from it
  10. Right now i am imaging with a Star Adventurer and a 300mm telelens on a dslr. I am planning to upgrade to the eq6-r pro and currently i am searching for a telescope. i want to take pictures of nebulae, galaxies and planets. My first idea was to get the Skywatcher 250/1200, then i read that it is too big for the eq6, i was recommended a shorter tube like the orion 10" at f/3.9 or a SCT, due to my budget i can't get higher than the edgeHD 8 unfortunately. what would you recommend? i am also open for different suggestions, thank you :)
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