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  1. So due to new employment ie nights have a full astrophotographers rig for sale comprising of the following Starwave 102 ED-R with 0.8 reducer and sesto senso focuser HEQ 5 pro goto mount with geoptik case Hypercam 183c colour camera skywatcher guide kit with GP cam 130 mono camera lens warmers, extended cables, bathinov mask usb hub etc all less than 6 months old, cost in the region of £3,000 selling as package for £2,500
  2. Anybody got a rough idea of the back focus distance when using a 183C on a 200 DP Newtonian.. I’ve tried it directly in and through and extender and can’t see a thing, absolutely nothing! cheers
  3. Cheers thanks for that will try that shortly as flat calm and totally clear here
  4. Just a quick query as all the info on here and YouTube etc refers to the original mount, I was trying to find out about the polar alignment using the new reticule I.e. the one that has a notched ring like a clock face. For those that haven’t seen it there is no longer a circle with a ring in it to put Polaris in! A. Do you have to rotate the mount until the 12 and 6 are vertical and then align with app? B. Then having done that, do you then go back to home before entering a target or do you leave it where it is. Cheers
  5. Hi Guys just wondering if anybody had come across the problem that I’m having when taking images on my D800 as can be seen in the image. There is a definite line down the centre of the frame which ironically is worse in the first view frames. It then eases off and if I’m out for a couple of hours will disappear all together. Unfortunately not able to alleviate in post processing so get frustrated at not getting to complete a decent image. Any thoughts would be appreciated 0FB7BB7C-9785-4FF4-B2F5-DCFC87068ACF.tiff
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