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  1. The answer just Incase anyone is googling in the future . Nexstars have no set position it’s down to who assembled the tube. Some have clear marking which can be on the housing for the corrector lens or can even be on the retaining ring. On my tube there were two etch marks on the corrector lens (see photo) and two marks on the retaining plastic ring (see photo) inside which are at the 8.00 o’clock ring retaining screw position. The secondary mirror notch goes therefore can be anywhere. Depending on who assembled. Thank you for all the help. I hope this saves someone hours of stress in the future.
  2. dweller25, Thank you for taking the time to answer. Waiting confirmation from Celestron over the etch location on the corrector lens. That’s reassuring to hear your notch is at 11.00 o’clock as well. Cheers
  3. Thanks Noah, Unfortunately the whole correcting lens shifted the secondary mirror housing and mirror were not affected. However in the panic I might of rotated the faststar logo on the secondary so it could be the right way currently or upside down haha. I can laugh about it now. I think you right I checked out Hyperstar youtube videos and watch for the 'notch" on the Evolutions occasionally at 10.00 o'clock then at 2.00 as well. I have contacted my local Celestron dealer they didn't know. The Australian dealer (I am in NZ) was more help full he thinks the lens etch would be at 12.00 o'clock. I have contacted Celestron but only got a email back to say it could be two to three days before they reply. I have a feeling they may want me to return. Cheers for taking the time to answer.
  4. Hi Lee, Thank for the info I found that thread when I googled too death lol. Its different for the Nexstar Evolutions unfortunatly. Seem's to be okay at the 12.00 o'clock etch and 10.00 o'clock notch although I haven't had a definitive answer. Cheers Dawn
  5. Hi, Can anyone help I took my Celestron Nexstar Evolution on a road trip it didn't like. Long story short do any Nexstar Evolution owners know the location of the notch on the secondary mirror housing. This is located by loosing or removing the retaining ring around the Fastar logo. Is it at the 10.00 o'clock position or 2.00 o'clock? See photo I have it at the 10.00 position. Thank you for any help in advanced.
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