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  1. Morning folks. I have decided after long thought to sell my hardly used Esprit Pro 100 complete with flattener.

    Excellent boxed condition. Complete with all parts, tube rings, Losmandy base, finder etc.

    Fantastic scope needs using. Pictures enclosed but I'm happy to take more and send by PM for interested parties.

    Scope is located in West Cumbria so not far from M6 motorway. I could deliver part way for fuel money so just ask.


    It's just the scope. Not the mount and other things on the photo!!!

    Thanks . David



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  2. Morning all. I'm selling my set of TV Panoptics all in new unused condition. I don't have boxes but endcaps and sticker all there. Just like new!

    19mm £145 RESERVED

    24mm £185 SOLD

    27mm £200 SOLD

    35mm £225 SOLD

    41mm £300 SOLD

    Postage by 1st class signed for is £4.00 if you want special next day please make it £7.00 your choice.

    PayPal with fees paid or transfer welcome but would prefer UK buyers on these to start off. If interested in the set please ask. Thanks. David



  3. For Sale is this brand new ZWO asi174mm camera with Sony IMX174 Mono CMOS sensor.

    Advertised as usb2 mono guide camera but very capable for photography, these are just shy of 500 quid to buy new. This one has never been used.

    Selling for £200 posted in UK.

    Bargain price. PayPal if fees paid or transfer welcome thanks. No offers thanks.





  4. Is anyone interested in this gadget which I no longer use? Power cable and USB cable feed into this box (still with seal) and gives USB ports, focus handset, 12v dc power, manual heater controls, focus motor outputs.

    Software is downloaded from the Hitec website. A great item with lots of life left yet!!

    £125 Plus £4 Postage in UK.

    PayPal with fees paid or transfer welcome.







  5. I have 4 used but great condition eyepieces. I bought them off here when I was starting out buying and found them all excellent in use, especially the 22mm.

    Time to pass these on as follows:

    LVW 8mm £80 SOLD

    LVW 22mm £95 SOLD

    LVW 42mm £140 free UK postage!!!

    NLVW 30mm reduced to £70 posted in uk

    Postage 1st class signed for.

    PayPal with fees paid or transfer welcome. Thanks.







  6. Hi all, I'm going to have another go at selling my Atik colour camera. It's never been on a scope so brand new condition. Complete with book, CD, mains power supply and cables. Various adaptors also available which can be discussed with interested parties!

    Here's what the websites say.....

    It is easy to think of the 16200 as a supercharged 8300, but it’s much, much more.

    The huge APS-H size sensor (35mm diagonal) provides an incredible mix of high resolution and sensor real estate, and it's 6 μm pixels make it suitable for use with a range of telescopes. All at a price much more accessible than KAF-11002 and KAF-16803 based cameras. 

    Features include a sealed, argon-purged, CCD chamber, dual-stage Peltier cooler and powerful heatsink for optimum cooling. With this new camera Atik have achieved their lowest delta, at -45°C typical, and a whopping -50°C max! 

    The camera also features new bespoke, high quality electronics that deliver a read noise of just 9e- typical and a high end blade shutter for consistent, reliable, performance over the camera’s life span. 

    Weight is only 1.3 kg, much lower than other cameras currently available in this class. 

    UPDATE: Atik have released a new EFW3 7-position filter wheel that can be attached directly to the camera and, if the front plate is removed, the backfocus of that combination is reduced to just 34.5mm. 


    My asking price is £1995 which is a significant saving over new, so save a fortune. Ask any questions you like. Free postage in the UK. The camera is located in Cumbria if you want a look!

    Thanks. David








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  7. 5 hours ago, Woking said:

    I've found the AZMP to be pretty spot on with just the auto 1 star calibration. Occasionally have to resynch when moving from one half the sky to the other.

    Have not mastered the balancing yet. The manual says to also check the spirit level as the mount rotates during the auto calibration. It's always off for me and I've tried an additional spirit level too. Can never get the spirit level centred for the full 360 and this probably explains the above resynch when say going from a south to north objects.

    Have you tried controlling the mount with SkySafari? I use this instead of the handset and it's been great.

    Also how are you finding the battery life? I'm not sure about mine, seems to drain quicker than the advertised 10-12hours. Think it's even draining when not used for a few weeks.

    I do have the Ioptron Wi-Fi adaptor thing and also have sky safari. Which socket does the Wi-Fi plug into please?


  8. Hi all, I'm about to take outside the az pro mount. I've done all the balancing etc inside so that's ok.

    Looking at the set up video where it gets itself calibrated etc, how mich success have you had once it starts going to targets etc? It's use is for visual only.

    Cheers. David

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  9. Morning all. I have here 6 brand new and still sealed Pro Planet IR Filters in both 1.25 and 2 inch sizes. Keen prices.

    Pro Planet 642

    1.25 £35 SOLD

    2.00 £50 SOLD

    Pro Planet 742

    1.25 £29 SOLD

    2.00 £39

    Pro Planet 807

    1.25 £29  SOLD

    2.00 £39

    Postage 1st class recorded is £1.00 and PayPal with fees paid or transfer welcome. Ask about postage if buying more than 1. Cheers.

    New and sealed boxes!



  10. 22 hours ago, Helen said:

    A well packaged box (@David Hardie has been having lots of practice 😉)  containing a hotech SCT collimator.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and get one to try to maximise the views from my C11 (I get too few clear nights to waste time collimating, and I've never really felt I've nailed it!).  I understand there's a learning curve on the hotech use, so expect some muttering...... 😉

    Thanks David 😁



    Very welcome Helen!!

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  11. Morning all. I have a box of various items here for sale. Please see pics below.

    Takahashi M54 to Nikon T Mount £30 posted.

    Lynx Astro ST4 Guide Cable. New. £10 posted.

    Mains adaptor for ZWO cooled cameras. New. £22 posted.

    SOLD 2 x Celestron 40mm eyepieces. Unused these come with scopes as a token gesture!! £5 each plus 1st class post.

    SOLD Revelation Astro 80mm extension tube for 2 inch barrels. £13 posted.

    SOLD Meade 400 series 6.7mm uwa £15 plus post

    SOLD Antares 7mm plossl £15  plus 1st class post.

    Bob's Knobs for Celestron C11 and Edge HD. £12 posted.

    Manual Filter Wheel plus set of 5 coloured filters and mono image moon filter and imaging IR filter. £50 posted.

    SOLD Primaluce Lab 140mm Los plate £25 posted.

    Single bolt Los / Vixen clamps boxed £30 each plus post.

    SOLD Vixenl350mm long £35 posted.

    Cheers all. David










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