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  1. Hiya Don, Welcome from me too. Regards Trudie
  2. Hiya Fish, Welcome from me too. You'll find the seats very comfy for those cloudy nights Regards Trudie
  3. Seeing not good, very misty, but you still manage to come up with the most amazing piccies. Congrats Trudie
  4. Hi Richard, You'll enjoy it here, the folks on here are great, they have steered mr in the right direction on a good few occasions Trudie
  5. trudie

    Hi from Hugh

    A very warm welcome from me too' The seats are comfy and the company is second to none. Trudie
  6. A very warm welcome from me too' The seats are comfy and the company is second to none. Trudie
  7. I am watching and reading with anticipation, but I am now hysterical at the mental image of all us newbies rotating our laptops !!! Trudie Sorry posted twice, must be the tears of laughter
  8. I'm watching and reading in anticipation waiting for the answers, but I'm now hysterical and the mental picture of all us newbies rotating all our laptops !!! Trudie
  9. Hi all, That makes 2 muppets then !!! Sorry what drift alignment button Trudie
  10. Hi Phil, Chubster has already asked 1 of the questions regarding how to drift align, thanks for the link, have tried to polar align on a number of occasions but its still not accurate, okay for short exposure like I've been attempting but not great. Came to a conclusion I must be thick as could not do it. This link does not sound too bad, so will probably give it a go. Not 2nite its clouded in at the mo. I have the free version of K3 but are not following you with regards using it for this purpose (sorry told you I was thick) Thanks Trudie
  11. Thanks all, I am probably expecting too much from my set-up. Trudie
  12. I'm not going to persuade you one way or the other, i am in exactly the same position, have a HEQ5, but no GO-TO. Like you I would like to find my way around under my own steam. I have set myself a target of 1 thing in the sky each time I go out ( if poss). But it is looking increasing like I may be asking for GO-TO for my birthday. That way i won't feel so guilty about the extra cash. Having said all that I refuse to admit defeat just yet. Good luck whatever you decide. trudie
  13. Considering all your problems, thats superb, you'll probably feel knackered later, but its definatley worth it . All the best Trudie
  14. Thanks Rog, And thanks all, will try that 2nite Rog, trudie
  15. Actually thats pretty good, I'm having the same probs with focussing I think, so it may not be your barlow. Regards Trudie
  16. Tried as suggested, What do you think, better or worse Ta Trudie
  17. Hiya, I am using Registax but that is guess work really, I'm slowly getting the hang of it, that one was resampled in Lanczos 2.0. Trudie Ps Took ages
  18. No matter what I do I can't seem to improve on this, I think its a tad better than last time, but don't seem to be able to sharpen it. 1700 frames stacked. ED80 x4 imagemate. Any suggestions where I'm going wrong. Regards Trudie
  19. Brilliant image, Regards Trudie
  20. Hiya, Is this the same image from last night if so it was worth the time its takes to process, Trudie
  21. With a bit of work i'm hoping these two may not be too bad Nice one Frank, If they are 'without work' they should be superb once you have done them. All the best Trudie
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