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  1. I just purchased an 8se a short while back. Found this post to be extremely helpful for I am new to this hobby as well!
  2. Very nice... I took picture of that as well. Certainly not great, but it surely was very cool to see!
  3. Thanks, I'm actually looking for a good app that gives you more control over the camera functions of the phone. I do use Sky portal now and will most likely try a few of those others...
  4. I have an iphone 8 and I as wondering what app or apps to get to give this a try. Also has anyone here tried the NexYZ adaptor with an 8? I'm just starting out in astronomy and it would be nice to take some pics... Thanks
  5. Thank you all for your advice. It took me a few but I figured out what RACI meant. I'm still a nub... lol. I think that I'll stay with the current finder for now. Thank you Cosmic Geoff, for your advice. I'll save some cash and look into other improvements for my scope. Klitwo, Btw, your scope looks great. Some day I'd like to build one myself!
  6. I have an Celestron 8SE and it came with a star pointer finder scope. After trying it out I don't feel that there is any quality there. I am considering a Telrad finder due its popularity and price point. I am also considering a maybe a standard 6 x 30 finder scope. Is there advantages over either type of finder scope or just an individuals preference? Thanks
  7. I was wondering if eye pieces from Meade are able to use filters from other manufactures such as Celestron? Also are the threads all standardize for all companies that manufacture filters and eye pieces? Thanks
  8. Dan J


    Thank you! No need to move, I'll still be your friend! It's good to have friends when you want to learn.
  9. Dan J


    Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been been reading through the forums and it’s definitely very informative. Now if I could just get the weather to cooperate!
  10. Dan J


    Hello all, I'm definitely a newb at astronomy but hope to learn and grow into the hobby. I just purchased a Celestron Nexstar 8 and can't wait to get out and check out the planets. I did have a Polaris 114 EQ prior to this and really enjoyed the views it gave. I live in NH, USA.
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