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  1. Enlarge the pilot hole up to the required size by proceeding with successively larger drills. I enlarge in increments of 0.1mm (or 1/64th inch if you have imperial drills) if possible but never more than 0.5mm at a time. This will prevent or minimise the chance of the drill snagging and distorting the hole which will often leave a rough edge and/or torn metal. Also if possible only drill at a very low speed; this will give you a chance to stop proceedings if things begin to get out of control.
  2. Just an quick update LeeRich on correcting the overbalance due to the extra weight of the GSO focuser. I have now relocated the dovetail by moving it along to the extent that I only needed to drill 2 new holes. Perfect balance is now possible. I found some sufficiently small blanking grommets on Ebay to fit into the unused holes.
  3. Hello CraigT82. I turned the jigs on a lathe and they take the guess work and potential measuring errors out of fitting the focuser. Just wish I could 3D print.
  4. Hello LeeRich. It was one of your posts that gave me the impetus to go ahead and fit the new focuser. Yes the mount does feel a little overbalanced but clamping the dovetail at the end nearest to the focuser makes quite a difference to the balance. Flocking will probably be the next job but I am not sure that Wilko still stock the sensibly priced stuff. I have only looked on line so far but product numbers don't seem to match up with those on earlier posts here.
  5. Like others here, I too have had to contend with some of the shortcomings of this scope as it comes straight out of the box. The optical components are generally agreed to be of good quality for a budget instrument but these are let down to some extent by the less than equal quality of the plastic R&P focuser and the variable standard of care taken in collimating the primary mirror during manufacture. There have been a number of contributions to this forum on upgrading the focuser in particular and a few on correcting the primary mirror collimation. They all gave me confidence to tackle si
  6. Thanks Slightly Brown for the article and photos. They gave me confidence to proceed and explore the internals of my Star Discovery mount. My mount suffered from the opposite problem to yours in that there was no way that hand slewing was possible in order to use the convenience of Freedom Find. I initially loosened off the bottom nut as you described but to no avail. Incidentally it was quite loose to start with. Adjusting the top nut did the trick. I then returned my attention to the bottom assembly - this presumably had been made adjustable for a reason. After whipping off the base (3 x ca
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