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  1. Here are just a few of my images from that night in Michigan, USA:
  2. Yes, I went out and shot pictures with my Canon SLR. Had to go out, take a few shots, come in and get warm, then back out 10 minutes later...on and on...The local air temp (in Michigan) was 15 F. below zero (-26 C) and breezy, while standing in a foot of snow. Got great images, up until when the moon was fully eclipsed. Those images showed only a black sky. My ISO, aperture and shutter changes obviously made no difference at that stage.
  3. Holy cow. Do you live on the edge of a cliff or steep hill?
  4. I watched part of a game show (in the USA) where the contestant lost a few hundred thousand dollars for saying that the planet that comes closest to Earth was Venus. The show's answer was Mars, which was incorrect of course. No one batted an eyelid or contested the answer on the show. I knew immediately the show's answer was incorrect and the man was wrongly stripped of his winnings. It seems no one of the younger generations is expected to think for themselves these days (in the US) and prefer to be told what is true without question. It's much easier than thinking for oneself.
  5. Kind of a late response here, but I suggest not using your eyeglasses when viewing thru other optics. The optics in binoculars and telescopes have the ability to focus out your naked eyesight shortcomings, just as your eyeglasses do. Using both at the same time may be causing a "battle of the lenses" or messing with the pupil exit from the scopes, causing strain.
  6. Our garden is the place where we over yonder grow vegetables. LOL. Honestly, our average backyard is quite large in comparison to other's places (like what I see on this forum), even living in a large city or suburb. All that extra room has advantages (except when one has to mow it). But LP is bad nearly everywhere already. Sad...
  7. The 2/3rd rule would not always apply. Condition is one consideration and how badly you wish to part with it is another. Since an 8" Dob can be purchase around $355.00 brand new, I can see parties interested in only paying perhaps $100 to $175 for a used one, assuming it is in good, working condition. Worse condition and the value drops dramatically. Just my two cents. I would choose to buy a new one before I would pay $200 for one that has been owned and used for a few years. I occasionally see ads of people trying to sell their used 8" Dobsonian (Meade, Orion, etc) on Craigslist for more than a brand new one costs. I assume they are hoping to find that one ignorant buyer that has more money than brains. The scopes never sell and remain listed until they are either taken down by the seller or expired by Craigslist. I have even seen some barnyard-stored wonders on there, complete with dust filled tube, dirty primary and cruddy all around, as well as dented and with broken finder scope, all with an asking price of 2/3 or more of new price. In those cases it is more likely seller ignorance.
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